Other Football Codes

While we await a decision from the CFL, there are other codes of football that have started up on a cautionary basis.

Like to know which of the codes have you followed and which one you enjoy.

Choices are Aussie Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union or Gailic Football from Ireland.

Won't put soccer as a choice for obvious reasons.

Or any other sports leagues have you followed.


Sometimes rugby union other than soccer, for I played both at an amateur level

If you are bored by soccer though, I ought warn you that you find many a rugby union match more boring. It is usually more fun to play though, but I am a decade past my last amateur match.

And rugby league - awful unless you enjoy all the effective downs they have after each tackle. I figure even darts or pool are about as exciting as that sport.




to at in up for dunk crap ditch duck

I love league. Non-stop. Have no use to watch guys try to hold up a scrum for 5 minutes. Have better things to do with my time.

I enjoy league as well.

Love the pace it has.

As you noted Mahal, Super Rugby in New Zealand with a full crowd was oustanding last night / early this morning too!

Both matchups were good as well.

Find league more uptempo than union.

Tried watching rugby as a teenager, found it frustrating as hell. Had no idea there was two codes. Once the Wolfpack came to Toronto in 2017 a friend told me about it, I watched one game and instantly fell in love with league.
But I had two thoughts, how the hell have I lived 48 years and never heard of this sport, and this sport must be so poorly promoted.
After done some reading and seeing some of the decisions that the RFL have made in regards to the Wolfpack I understand now.
There's a lot of people in northern England that just want to watch their village fight the next village down M-62 and to hell with the fact that Ottawa, Boston, New York and Seville Spain want in.

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