OT What a load of

The don't pay for a year on my new TV is up and I am reading the bill and I noticed this line.
Loosely translated it says
" Keep in mind that making low minimum payments are a great way to keep your money for other purchases"

Sure, at 28.8% interest its great for them!!!!!!

The Brick?

Ouch!!! yep fine print is a must read before we purchase anything!

Maison sony
Sony house
The financing was by HSBC. Some bank I assume

Ihad a deal like that. I paid it off that month.

Its not so much the fine print as the fact they try to get you to not pay it off right away. it was no interest no payments for a year

Right after work tomorrow Im off to give them a check...

Good idea...get them off your back A.S.A.P.

Yep - they hate not making the interest money from their customers..... :slight_smile:

Not to mention the fact if you pay right now they usually drop
10- 30 %.