OT Watch out for this email!!!!!!

I just got an email with an attachment
The text said

This attachment was scanned by sympatico's anti virus and a trojan was found. It was deleted because it can not be cleaned.
For more info click here

Funny !!!!!!!! I don't have simpatico anti virus so how did it manage to clean it???????
I wonder how many viruses or trojans that link would have infected me with!!!!!

I've had a couple come to my work email from apparently both the cia and the fbi telling me I've surfed to illegal websites...... then, you're sposed to open the zip file to answer their questions..... yeah, right....

For one, I don't know how many Canadians would realize the FBI and CIA can't really do much to you, but also, an emailed zip file is the best way for them to question you?

Anyways, in case somebody's not thinking, hopefully you've been saved from some virus attacks by reading this. :slight_smile: It's like it's my christmas gift to everyone here. :slight_smile:

My brother got an email telling him he won a free PlayStation. All he has to pay is shipping. He know that is is BS but he clicks the link to see what will happen.
He gets a page saying the shipping charge is $4.95 and to click on either visa or MasterCard to pay.
Again he know that it is BS and clicks anyways. The next page then says

We are sorry but our server that handles credit cards is down.
Please give us your Bank name, Debit card number and PIN number and we will withdraw the charges.

The sad part is that I am sure many people will fall for it.

Billy is still waiting for his playstation.LOL

You're right, it is sad how many people fall for things like that..... sometimes I wonder if it might get them to smarten up, and maybe it's not the worst thing in the world that they had to learn the hard way.

…not exactly the way I would have imagined the words “viruses”, “trojans”, and “infected” in a sentence…

It was a really good deal. I only had to pay 5.99 and it came with a game and everything. That was a month ago...... Where is my damn ps2 :frowning:

it wasn't me! I didn't summon Satan on the hard drive, I swear!

I've gotten emails saying that Royal Bank needs info, including my PIN, to update my records. Funny, I don't have an account at Royal.

Financial institutions never ask for your PIN. They don't need it for any reason. It is only used to verify that it is you standing at the ATM or POS using your card. Never give it to anyone.

And I never open attachments unless they are sent by someone I know. Even then you have to be careful sometimes, because if your friend has a "worm", it can send itself to everyone in their address book as a message that looks like something sent by them with an attachment.

I can't believe the limit these twisted peaple reach..sending that kind of crap on the WWW.
Preying on the week minded, they remind me of Bankers...
Any way, I'm selling actual CFL game footballs, all I need is your visa and pin..lol..

I'm selling snow from the Grey Cup game in Hamilton, Send $8.95 plus shipping.......LOL