OT vs. the Lions

Can anyone please tell me why Chamblin decided to kick the FG in OT and not gamble on 3rd and short? If you can't make that distance on 3rd down in the CFL you might as well pack it in! Chamblin was far too conservative in OT!

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Game shouldn't have gone to OT; since when is body surfing on your backside not 'down by contact' / 'halted progression'. The refs got that call wrong on the field. When it went to replay they didnt know how to spot the ball ( comon how do you not put that to a measurement after the 2nd down play went to a measurement ) -
IMO Riders converted on that 3rd down, but BC refs will be BC refs. - C'est la vie.

OT Chamblin sh@t the bed.


The officials didn't give the Riders a measurement in OT so Chamblin couldn't get a good judgement on how far they had to go. If they get a measurement they likely gamble.

yes the referee blew it, from what I see, his forward progress was easily a first down, whatever move on , get 3 yards next time and don't leave it up to the ref's go riders we'll be OK