OT - Voting

OK, I want this to be a clean fight. I want opinions flying all over the place. I want people yelling and screaming, Who are you voting for and why.

I haven't completely decided yet, but I know for absolute certain it will not be conservative. Several reasons: I don't like Harper, I don't trust Harper, I don't agree with most of what Harper stands for, and the Conservative MP in our riding is a complete buffoon - as long as those two are around, the Conservative party will never get my vote.....

"On November 29, 2005, the Parliament of Canada was dissolved following a vote of no confidence the previous day. New elections will be held on January 23, 2006."

this should be interesting, I'll be watching down south.

if I could vote, I think I'd vote for the New Democratic Party cuz they fit with my views, but I can't so it doesn't matter.

I think the Liberals will win again, and that's good because in my opinion gay marriage and rights in Canada will survive than they would if the conservatives win.

If the conservatives are unhappy about it, they can always move to the US west, their very conservative there, and are getting more everyday.

There is no way on earth that I would ever vote for the cons Harper, Mulroney, Clark, Diefenbaker, Charette. Never gonna happen

The NDP is a joke! Layton is like a yapping little dog that never shuts up. Yaps just to hear himself yap. When the liberals did not give him what he wanted the claimed that Canadians were fed up with a corrupt government and it was his duty to take them down!!!!! So if he had gotten what he wanted would the libs not be corrupt? would Canadians not have wanted a new government then? What is the difference between that and blackmail?
He and Harper stood firm and said "well we can have the election in Feb if that's OK with you." There is leadership.

The Bloc should have been arrested for treason then moment they took an oath to uphold this country. Their only purpose is to break up this country and if it happens they will leave and take their pensions that we pay for.

There others are not even worth mentioning.

ro, it's funny that we'd agree on the NDP, but completely not on the liberal/conservative idea. I don't think I'd ever vote liberal, because to me, they do things for the good of central canada regardless of what it means out west, and have such a culture of entitlement that they believe they know better than I do how I should live my life. I'm all for having social programs to help people that can't help themselves, or to get a guy through a rough time, but after that, I think I should have a say in what I do with my life. In my opinion, that's different from the liberal party's views.

I agree that we should have a say in our lives but the only way we will ever get that is to live on our own private island. Every government will tell us how to ruin our lives.

to govern means
To make and administer the public policy and affairs of; exercise sovereign authority in.

To control the actions or behavior of: Govern yourselves like civilized people.

To keep under control; restrain:

Do you think the 4 Atlantic provinces will vote liberal?

I see them as the swing vote in the upcoming election.

The atlantic provinces typically do vote liberal, at least federally...... unless I'm mistaken, the liberals had a lot of seats out there in the '04, and quite honestly, I don't see them changing their tune anytime soon.

Ro, I just noticed that you typed "ruin our lives" but I'm not sure if it was a typo or a joke..... either way, good point tho.

I just think, as with the child-care thing, the liberals seem to think that they know better than I do, that I should just give them all my money, and let them tell me what I should do with my time..... I know it's not to that extreme, but the tendancy appears to be there, in my opinion.

Anyways, it seems like there's still enough people out east that want to keep the liberals around that there won't be much change this time, so I'll just keep voting so that I feel I have the right to complain about things. :slight_smile:

Billy_Soup and I have an agreement.

I'm going to stop commenting on the upcoming Canadian election on this forum.

However, I'm very interested in it and will continue to follow it as closely as I can, but I'll do it in silence.


Anyone who can, in good conscience, vote for that "shit-eating-grin" Martin is a waste of skin. They have stolen from ALL of us...but I get a kick out of Ontario electors who say..."look at the alternative"...and then they vote for a bunch of thieves...
If I could, I'd vote for the Bloc...if I could vote for any of the leader's, Duceppe's by far the most honest one...and I honestly mean that. I admire his intelligence.

Paul Martin is finished, and the Liberals would be wise to pick another candidate since their government under Martin got the vote of no confidence, if they win of course.

Maybe they should put in a western Liberal to keep some westerners content.

Is that what you call silence?
First off all Martin is ahead in the polls by 7 to 12 points depending on the poll.

Do you even know what a non -confidance vote is?

.........yup, that's where you take out your starting QB and replace him with the guy who stood on the sideline all season long in order to win the improtant games to get you to the big one.....

It worked out for Maciocia, maybe it will work for Martin.

And Kanga when you asked me if you can say that, did you not read the reply I gave you??

...if anyone thinks this election is going to produce a majority government...then they are NOT TO POLITICALLY ASTUTE.......soooo in the event that it is a minority govt. ...which is most likely the case....then the party who finds themselves in the minority ruling position...better start being nice to Jack Layton.....the laughable little mad dog.....as someone put it.. .... I would say...Jack and the NDP....will have the last laugh... :lol:

i already wrote my final term paper, and the upcoming elections in Canada are a big part of it.

And yes, I'm in the United States.

I'll be watching all this from down here for certain, and if I could vote, I'd vote Bloc for the sheer fun of it, and because I do in fact want to see them field their own hockey team.

Yeah, I got it, and I changed my statement. sorry (zipping my lips)

Yes, I studied a Parliament system ans I saw Star Wars Episode 1

GTA ************!!!


j/k Ro I could never run a CFL brother over

So if you know what it is why do you assume Martin is finished based on a non-confidence vote

Him "knowing" what it is, and him understanding what it is, is two highly diffirent things ro. I would figure you would know this by now.