OT: should we have a CFL.ca forum awards during GC week?

if we do, we have to.

  1. Come up with catagories and...
  2. nominate posters to them
  3. don't think there should be a winner, just the nomination
  4. topics like "most annoring topic" will be gounded togerther in a catigory called "honorable mension"

we have meationed it, let's do it.

If most of the votes are "yes" by Monday, I'll make a topic title "CFL.ca Forum awards" during the GC week which is Thanksgiving breack for me.

Anybody got any ideas on Catagories?

Best Poster
Best Topic
Best Subject
Best Image of the season
Most Informal Topic
Most Informal Poster
Most Viewed Topic
Most Posted Topic
Most post from a poster this season
Most Humarous Poster
Most Humarous Topic
Most humarous image of the season.

(My "My Standings/AP/IGC" is three topics in one, so doesn't qulifily for "Most Viewed and Posted")

.....poster who takes up the most space with useless messages.....

nah, jm02, that would go under honorable mension. you don't want to encourage that.

seroiusly, I'd like to do this, but I need everyones appoval and I need catagories.

on the real topic, we can nominat then.

How about most biased person on this site.I have one that comes to mind!!!!

You have to do Most humourous poster. I think there's a couple candidates in line for that one (with a certain gobbler in the front running)

why did someone have to delet my recent post in "Action Point"?

It's almost like you want me to start a new topic on it like the Expansion ones.

I think this turns this into a damn popularity contest. and quite frankly I am out of high school and don't care about popularity, so I think this is a bad idea

I agree with billy
The expansion thread have been started by different people, new one at that who are unaware that it has been done to death.
You are the only one who talks about the action point and recalculates the game scores based on fictitious action points and thinks anyone cares.

How about "best forum-based contest"? :smiley:

I would say no, because except for "most viewed" and "most posts" and that sort of thing, who would make the determination of who is the "best" or "most humorous"?

And then for the "most posts" you'd get people near the top of the group making a lot of nonsensical posts toward the cutoff date. Then again, we may not be able to notice a difference between that and what's happening now.

I'd say no to this idea, i agree with billy, it would just be a popularity contest.

.....shameless, shameless plug, BigDave..... :smiley:

GREAT IDEA.........K.K.!

saskargo...who did u have in mind, with your last post?

Here ia hint Drumming_god.
It is a rider fan!!!!

male or female?

Here is another hint.It is not a man.
Like I said before.Rider fans are little boys,not men.LOL

Hmmm. She's got me stumpped. I can usually see where she's leading up to, but not on this one.....

I knew you were just kidding around, but that removal of my post was a low blow.

BTW, the AP has developed quite a cult following if you haven't notice. I do the recalculated thing for fun, not seriousness, but all that just proved how such a chage would effect the standings (for the better, in my opinion).

As for Saskargo, wild guess, jm02?, but she isn't biased in my opinion.

For those of you who don't want this contest, vote no, and if no out does yes, then I will not do it.

Well, I will hand out mine. Because I believe it is fun to recognize great posters. Last year, I handed out my four virtual trophies: Funniest Poster (Turkeybend), Classiest Poster (Supersmith), Rookie of the Year (r44keithl, who became Als_Molson) and Poster of the Year (BigDave).

So here are my 2005 recipients:

  • Funniest Poster: RedandWhite.
  • Classiest Poster: So many people would qualify in here, but I have to give it to the great human being that is Sportsmen.
  • Rookie of the Year: Drumming_God.
  • And Poster of the Year: RedandWhite. Yeah, I know that gives him two this year, but I had to go with the votes compiled by my brain's committee.

This doesn't take anything away from other posters. If that forum wasn't populated by so many great people, I wouldn't be here so often.