OT - Ride from London for Sunday

Anyone heading over to Ivor Wynne I could possibly bum a ride with? Wanting to get there and greyhound isn't too kind to me with the kick off time. If anyone is going, would be more than willing to pay my share in gas, plus tip, plus food/drink at the game, whatever!

If anyone can help or could put me in touch with anyone it would be GREATLY appreciated

Thank you for your time


hope you're successful.

No Via option to get get you into Aldershot or Burlington?
No idea of the schedules -- or who comes from London, but hope you can make it!

Greyhound would either get me into Hamilton at 4:55am.....anyone up for some tailgating that early? :wink:

Check out VIA.....

[b]LONDON - ALDERSHOT, Sunday Nov 15, 2009
Departs: 08:01 Arrives: 09:40 Train: 70

ALDERSHOT - LONDON, Sunday Nov 15, 2009
Departs: 19:52 Arrives: 21:22 Train: 79

Passenger 1 (Adult) $73.50 [/b]

Gives you lots of time to get from Aldershot to IWS and back.