OT: Olympic Hockey Team



those are my thoughts. thank you!

Yup, Draper has the worst +/- on the whole team!

Draper/Doan/Smyth will probably be the checking line and play on the penalty kill a lot. Gretzky's Canada team always has a checking line and I believe needs one, especially playing against some of the guy's Sewden, Czech's, and Russia has. Sweden's top line could include Alfreddson, Sundin, Naslund, and Forsberg.

I would have picked Staal over Doan though.

get doan outta that roster he doesn't belong there will all that talent, i dont mind bertuzzi but i rather see staal or spezza in there. crosby is too young and will get his chance probably next olympics. I also woulda picked mccabe over foote.

every one keeps talking about Bertuzzi but what about Heatly he KILLED someone. and how bout Linden for the 2 team. also i think you definitly need a checking line

I say get rid of Bertuzzi, Heatly and Doan.
No the people I want representing my Country

Even us Americans know the team from Canada should be and will be favored for the Olympic gold medal. That team is loaded and is a force to be reckoned with. I think the American team will do as well as possible, and if they finish third and get the bronze medal, all Americans should be very proud of them.
On Jeromy Roenick for a minute. I think he should have been chosen for the US Olympic Hockey team, but right now he is injured and would be out of the lineup for about the next four weeks anyway, so maybe that's the reason why he wasn't chosen. Still, he is a veteran and would bring some stability to the team, and he should have been chosen just for that reason.
I too am appalled that Todd Bertuzzi has been selected for the Canadian Olympic hockey team. He should be in prison somewhere, serving a term for assault, and to say the lockout year was his punishment year makes the punishment a farce. I understand why some wouldn't want Danny Heatley on the team, but at least he served some time as punishment for what he did. It probably wasn't enough punishment though, and that is the NHL's fault.
I'm of the opinion that a suspended player should be punished for as much time as the player he injured is out of the lineup, with a minimum of 40 games WITHOUT PAY. Several years ago when Dale Hunter of the Washington Capitals hit Pierre Turgeon of the New York Islanders after he had scored a goal and was skating away from the net, he got a 20 game suspension and a fine. Since this was in the playoffs, Turgeon missed the rest of the playoffs, but no other games, so Dale Hunter got off pretty lightly for this criminal act

What do we want? An Olympic Gold Medal or an 8th place finish, but Canada wins the moral sportsmanship award?

Dany Heatly is a hockey player and a damn good one, the law and the league dealt with his accidental death of his good friend and now he gets to get on with his life, same goes for Bertuzzi, and Doan apparantly wasn't the one that called the referee a dumb Frenchman (and he is going to sue unless the ref retracts his story)
It was Mike Johnson who made the remark and Doan is not a rat, he has not ratted Johnson out.

Ok so I am a little Queasy about Bertuzzi, because of the premeditated nature of the attack and the result, and I can understand some people's feelings on him. But he was penalized by the league and apparently cleared by the law and picked by Gretzky.

Anyway as for Doan. I heard on the Team 990 in Montreal that the night it happened, a guy phone Morency and Marinaro on the Postgame show and said, he was sitting in the first row from the ice, and he heard Mike Johnson say the French remark to the referee and not Shane Doan, who everyone was accusing. So now that Doan has said he'll sue if the ref and Liberal MP don't change there story, it sounds like the phone in caller was right all along. Doan hasn't ratted him out and Johnson has spoken up, so we'll see.

let me ask you this
If it was you driving that car at 150KPH and killed someone, would it have been ruled accidental?

If you were at work and sucker puched some like Bertuzzi did. Would you still be working there?

I think the answer is no to both questions.

Final question is. Is Bertuzzi among the 20 or so best Canadian players in the NHL.

I say no to that as well.

Heatley was just a kid, driving his good friend home, people make mistakes, even stupid mistakes. He just happened to have a ferrari, unlike most of us, and you can hit 100 in a ferrari backing out of your driveway.
There is no proof the speed he was driving and he wasn't drunk driving.

And no I wouldn't be still working there if I sucker punched a colleague, but we mortals are not allowed to punch our colleagues, hockey players are. He was suspended, fined and will be sued for millions.

The skid marks proved the speed he was driving and as you know there are 2 sets of penalties. 1 for us and the second for the rich and famous.