OT: NBA in Oklahoma City/TB Flashmovies

I found out today that the Hornets, because they lost their arena in New Orleans, will be playing some of there games in Oklahoma City!!! :shock:

That will be great if they want to try and land an NHL team (the Ducks maybe) or any pro team in the future. Winnipeg can get Phoenix, QC can get New Jersey, etc.

Congrats to OC!!!

[url=http://www.sportsecyclopedia.com/nba/nohornets/nohornets.html]http://www.sportsecyclopedia.com/nba/no ... rnets.html[/url]

Foe those of you who are just abou to say "THIS IS A CFL FORUM... NOT AN NBA FORUM... BAH BAH BAH" I did this becase I like to hear my good CFL friends opinions on the NBA in OC. I put "OT" so that should give you a suggestion that this isn't abou CFL.

they can take the useless, vince-carter-less, raptors

I hear ya, d_g. For all I care, they can move the Raptors to L.A. to become their new NFL team. I know, "but the Raptors don't know how to play football." They don't know how to play basketball either. Regardless, it'll be one less appendage in the monster known as Leaf Nation.

Nah, I love the Raptors, but they need Nash! and they need to be the "Ontario" Raptors becase most of popularity of Basketball is in the province.

I'm not a Bucs fan by any means of the imagination, but their Flash movies are hilarious!!! I put this up to post up to shear this all with you. enjoy!


I wish Winnipeg had Flash movies! :cry:

Just to let you know Kanga, the New Orleans Hornets are playing all but about 2-3 games in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this year. The 2-3 games not in Oklahoma City, will be played in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The New Orleans arena is across the street from the Super Dome and is at street level, so it became flooded as did most of everything in that area of the city. It appears they will be back in New Orleans next year, but will there be enough people there to support them?

Yeah, but this is a great operationality for OC if they still want a pro team. Remember in the 70’s when the Stadium the Fylers were playing in collapsed and they played the rest of their season in QC while their main stadium was rebuild? then later QC got an NHL team thanks to the WHA?

New Orleans Saints are now playing in San Antonio and Baton Rouge.
New Orleans Hornets are now playing in Oklahoma City.
New Orleans Voodoo (AFL team) are forfeiting the season.

I expect that the Saints will end up in Baton Rouge permanently, the Hornets remain in Oklahoma City permanently, and the Voodoo will fold.

or the Voodoo could relocate to Birmingham or Kansas City.

I think the Saints are seriously thinking abou moving to San Antonio now.

I love the NBA. Almost as much as Football. I just hope my Lakers bounce back…

I wish Winnipeg would get an NBA team, but that would never happen.