OT: I watched some NFL games recently and...

[quote="Peter6625"]I think its a slap in the face for the defense who just stopped a team. Then you run off the field and the dumb punt returner gives up a point.


I disagree, I believe if the defense doesn't want to give up that single point they should have stopped the offence earlier.

In the NFL one of the most exciting plays this year was when Nathan Vasher returned a field goal for a 108 yards (Go Bears), I believe the single point in the CFL encourages those types of returns.

Also if the returner does give up the single point his team gets really good field position at the 35 yard line.

and that kinda play doesn't happen offten in the NFL. Whereters it happened a few things last season. 8)

Same is said for a missed or a suceesful FG right RF?

Roughyfan, you choose to believe how these NFL prototypical players would run roughshot in our league is based on what? Some may indeed if the opportunity presented itself, but I am of the other opnion how most NFL style athletes would be a flop in our league. If anything, the more agile and versitile CFL athlete would have an easier time converting to the smaller and methodical "3 yards and a puff of dirt" game.

and you can't tell me that the NFL players aren't on something, that whole "NFL is clean, unlike the MLB" is a lie. those guys are so big it's inhumane, and on average, one player dies for pushing himself too hard each season.

To Argotom
What do you mean World Champion mentality. First off its not my NFL, its everyones NFL. You act like the CFL field is twice the size of an NFL field. There is also another player on the cfl field. Look at arena football the field doesn't seem so small when there are less people on it.

If the CFL requires such a superior athlete, and an agile athlete, why don't some of them play in the NFL and absolutely destroy them. These player both NFL and CFL are some of the best athletes in the world. Stop acting like the CFL players train all day, and the NFL players party all the time. Jeff Garcia you played in both leagues says in the NFL its a whole day thing, and CFL its really not. Somehow i will side with a guy who's played in both leagues. It's football both players train hard they have to, because if they don't there are about 100,000 people in line that want there spot. Do you think i bash a CFL player because that you think i think the NFL has better athletes? No the funny thing most of the CFL player have played with and or played in the NFL. I take offense when you add a comment that most people like the CFL style over the NFL. Yeah you're right on this board.

That last comment about because its american it pays more better. If you mean pays more better ask any CFL player what pay check they would like to cash NFL or CFL.

If that last comment that if its American it plays more better. Then its up topersonal preference some people like the CFL better, and some like the NFL better.

Another question Argotom just because i' am an american doesn't mean i have a world champion mentality. Yeah many americans do, i for one don't. Why would i be on a CFL message board if i thought the NFL game was so superior? If americans where so athletically superior than any country we would dominate the olympics every year. We don't! Look at hockey for instance me being an american can say that Canadians are athletically superior in that sport. The answer is no, there not, its who puts the hard work in, and trains, and plays the game the most. I respect Canadian athletes just as much as i respect american athletes. I think with football its hard for canadians to dominate the sport because of the climate. Go to Texas or the south where its a religion thats the top sport down there, because they play year round. Same can be said about hockey, in the us there are too many sports to choose from and hockey is expensive so that why there are not many americans in the NHL. So don't put propaganda that all americans have this world champion mentality.

Are you pissed at the NFL for stealing Doug??

So you think those players I listed would fail in the CFL? A guy like Chad Johnson would run by the CFL's db's. What's the difference between catching the ball in the CFL then the NFL? Also a guy like Manning is the most accurate passer in the world, he would be the same in the CFL. A guy like Urlacher who hits like a sledgehammer and runs like a train would hit the like a hammer in the CFL and run like a train also. Tomlinson would hit the holes just as hard and just as fast in the CFL and would be even better with more room.

It's not an american/canadian thing, it's an observation from watching the games.

If the CFL player could convert to the NFL game they would, especially since they would be making 10 times what they make in the CFL and half of them are already american who dreamed as little kids about playing in the NFL not the CFL.

See roughyfan argotom wants to make it a Canadian/American issue. Look at when he generalizes that Americans have "World Champion mentality." I would like Argotomto research where the players you mentioned are from, look at where they grew up, in a football dominated area. I' am from New England and we don't any stars in the NFL. Flutie washed up. He's really the only star.

Peter, we obviously agree to disagree. Having said that, maybe not you specifically but your fellow Americans on TV havother nations, their citizens and the sports they play. Hence, the freely used, abused and self proclaimed “World Champion” crap fead to its citizenry. Most choose to believe in this just like when our parents would tell us as children of the tooth fairy. You hear it often enough and wham, the propoganda and perception becomes “reality”.
Let’s try to deal with some of the issues. Most Americans who play in our league all tend to say how big the field is and the need for speed. Your typical DB who has to cover the extra field size in width of the additional 15 yards is generally amazed and will tell you agility is necessary more so then size. The combination of both is a bonus.
I do recall when Jeff Garcia and Doug Flutie each left how they had nothing but praise of the CFL and each would say it is a different game requiring in a different athletes ability.
No doubt, an athlete regardless in which league must train in order to stay on top of their respective game. But, it amazes me how many 300 pound lineman and now tiping the near 400 scale are surfacing in your league. Visually most appear grossly out of shape and hopefully your are not going to tell me this type of athlete is based on agility and not brute force?e very little regard for

But the DB's in the NFL are quicker than the ones in the CFL. A guy like Deion Sanders in his prime or Nathan Vasher is more agile and quicker than the CFL's top DB's.

Some of the lineman are different in the NFL game then the CFL game (I will agree with you there) because it is a different game in the trenches in the NFL then the CFL.

Tell that to Jordan Younger of the Argos, Kyrese Heibert from the Gades, Adolpheous McCalla of the Riders, Kelly Wiltshire of the Esks. Deion had speed, a big mouth and the fact he played two sports made him a fan
Let’s deal briefly with some QB’s. First I will agree Payton Manning is good and could play in the CFL. But, please do not try to say someone like Anthony Calvillo, Damon Allen(regardless of his age) or even Dave Dickenson are not good enough to play in any league.

I agree that the media feeds crap of how the US is superior. I for one don't subscribe to the main stream media. There a bunch of puppets, expornstars that are told what to say. Inteligent americans can see through that. They had one lady who looked like an expornstar on CNN, talking about the Air marshall that shot the person on the plane in Miami. She kept calling the guy a Fire Marshall, and they guy that was getting interview was hinting see was wrong.

I know you see these lineman that are huge. I always talk about Vince Wilfork of the Patriots. he can chase down fast quarterbacks. NFL or CFL is about speed and power, any team or coaching staff knows that. I played NCAA football and the first thing they do is have you sprint, and get you on a running program. I was a little upset that i lost some of my strength, and he said remember strength plus speed equals power. He said i was already strong enough, and needed more speed to adapt to the college game. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a better player i became in less than two months. He knows he played for the New England Patriots in the 80's. This isn't you father NFL where fat out of shape guys like William" the frig" Perry could last. These NFL guys have to pass tough physicals to make it. Remember Kory Stringer they worked him so hard he died of dehydration. The NFL is only going to get better, since when have d lineman have been able to run sub 4.5 forty yard dashes.

Argotom i agree with you that Damon Allen could have played in the NFL. Being an Al's fan i really don't think Cavillo could play, he folds under pressure. Think Cahoon could play especially in New England, and Robert Edwards was on te brink of being a star til he blew his knee out. I think he a could backup, or change of pace back.

If they were able to play in the NFL they would have. Dickenson tried but wasn't good enough. They could have been back-ups in the NFL but chose to be starters in the CFL.

All those DB's are good but aren't as good as NFL db's. Deion had a big mouth and did play two sports but if you ask any receiver who played against him in his prime they would say he is one of the best they ever lined up against. He was amazingly quick.

Hey Billy guess who holds the Chiefs all time record for longest TD reception......99 yards M.B......not bad for CFLer.........

When Dave Dickenson went south I read the various reports during training camp. By all accounts in the media, he was the best QB in the pre season over Doug Flutie and Drew Breese. But, because of politics and involving Doug(how is that for irony) and the highly drafted Breese, he had no chance. His play never entered into the equation.
Again, with Deion and when you say ask any receiver you are talking NFL version. I could say the same about a player of the CFL comparison.

No he had no chance in San Diego. No way they would cut Flutie for Dickenson. I wouldn't you need to have an experienced backup. Deion i regard as one of the best athletes ever.

Best modern day athlete of all time Bo Jackson till he blewout his hip. I think if it was today he would have made a comeback to both sports. How many guys can be great at two sports.

Best athlete of all time Jim Brown, hands down. To bad he retired early

I just believe, especially with American born players, that if they were good enough to play in the NFL they would be there because of the money and that's where they dreamed of playing as little kids. A kid from Texas never dreamed of playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, he dreamed of fame of with the Dallas Cowboys.

See, my example again about my fellow American neighbours. On whose authority can you make such a rediculous statement that Bo Jackson and Jim Brown were best athletes of "all time". Sounds to me like a World Champion mentality. Try telling the Argentinians about Diego Maradona. How about the Brazil nation about Pele. Do you know these two are soccer players, a sport which is truly world wide. Not the 4 down football which is played by one nation. As is our 3 down game. So does that make our Eskimos "World Champion". I guess it does, but you will never on a serious tone hear my fellow Canadians say it. Maybe we should though.
Now, I can give you my version of the "best football players of all time" (in both CFL and NFL comparison). Both being good old Canadians, QB Russ Jackson and Receiver Tony Gabriel.

Your right roughy i dream of playing for the Patriots, not the Al's. The CFL isreally for exNFLers that want to make a comeback. Andre Rison, Robert Edwards, and for guys that get overlooked because the scouting report said that they couldn't adjust to the NFL. It's good for Americans that played at a small 1aa or division 2 team that wasn't even given a chance.

would love to play for any professional team. So if the Alouettes gm is ready this drop me email i want a tryout. 6'3 270lbs play all the spots on the o- and d line. Bench is 405lbs, my 40 yard dash is 4.98. These are not bad for having two knee reconstructions. I' am only 23 years old, i have a good 14 more playing years left in me.

It's very tough to say who is the best athlete of all time. Bo Jackson was great and excelled at two sports. Barry Sanders could cut on a dime. Were they the best of all-time, maybe, maybe not. It's hard to compare other sports with each other. Gretzky dominated his game like other players in other sports couldn't, his he the best athlete of all-time? What about Lance Armstrong who has won 7 straight Tour de Frances, one of the most grueling races ever. And what about Pele or Maradona? What about Doug Flutie who dominated in the CFL? It's tough to say and all it is is speculation.

Pele is definately on the top five. I just like the versatility of a guy like Jim Brown, he is hands down the best lacrosse player of all time, and the best NFL player of all time. Bo Jackson would have been a two sport hall of famer. Deion is a great athlete but wasn't that good of a basball player to even be considered. Look at Jim Thorpe who won gold metals in track and field and was an unbelieavble football player. I don't think he gets the recognition because he was an indian.

Argotom the reason why i mentioned these guys is because they were good at two sports. Michael Jordan, Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretsky, Babe Ruth they were only good at one sport. I don't think this is a world champion mentality, i think its mentioning athletes that were great, in the olympics which is versus other countries. Thorpe proved it internationally.

argotom what do think of George Bush? I think i know the answer.
And what is your views on Americans?