OT: I watched some NFL games recently and...

The players aren't THAT great compared to the CFL as people say they are!

Sure, they don't make as maybe mistakes in the preseason and the first weeks as CFL players do, but if CFL players trained 24 hours a day like those players, they would play like that and more!

I saw mistakes that I seen in the CFL in the NFL and THEN SOME!

like today when the QB for Dallas or KC (I can't remember) had a great opportunity to run with the ball when he was under pressure. What did he do? HE THREW THE BALL INCOMPELTE!

they may play a cleaner game, but they are not better than the CFL, and if they are, they are only by a hair.


How come Ricky Ray the CFL grey cup MVP got released by the Jets?

Maybe the quarterback didn’t run because his team is going to the playoffs and didn’t want to get hurt.

CFL has great athletes and is good football, but it is not the NFL caliber. Don’t get me wrong i think there are some CFL players that could hang with the guys on Sunday’s but there are few. That’s like comparing american hockey to Canadian hockey. Canadians prevail

I don't consider NFL players to be generally "better" football players. Bigger, yes. Hence stronger, sure. But better? I don't know. When I watch CFL and NFL games, rarely do I see anything done in the NFL that isn't done in the CFL. There's a stigma out there that CFL players are lower-calibre than NFL players, and I don't think that's very correct. There's also the fact that the Canadian game is very different from the American game, and some players may just be better suited to the Canadian version - that doesn't mean they're a worse football player. As for Ray getting cut, no one except the coach can know every reason ... I don't quite follow your hockey analogy, though ...

Bledsoe didn't run because he is Drew Bledsoe and is slow as hell. Some QB's just don't run, he is one of them.

" but if CFL players trained 24 hours a day like those players, they would play like that and more!"

Most CFL players probably do train just as hard as NFL players. They just aren't as good. I love the CFL, but to say that Brett Farve is not a hell of a lot better then Henry Burris is rediculous.

Like Peter says there are some CFLers who could probably do well in the NFL, but I doubt that any would star. Look at Mark Boerichter. He was Awesome for Calgary. I think he is KC's 3rd reciever (or at least he was, I haven't seen a KC game in a long while). Burris started a MOnday night game, and stunk up the joint for the bears (granted the Bears sucked pretty bad then).

CFL is a much beter game in my opinion. But NFL has way more talented players. I mean do you think Wade Miller or Mike Maurer could ever play in the NFL??

Actually, I remember reading what Garcia had to say about the difference between the CFL and NFL ... he said the big one was that in the NFL, you're going a lot more, and a lot harder, in terms of practice. Sounded to me like it was an all-day thing in the NFL, vs a half-day thing in the CFL. So the "if CFL players trained just as hard as NFL players" question has some merit to it ...

NFL players are bigger and faster and hit a lot harder. And a guy like Manning would clean up in the CFL as well as guys like Chad Johnson and Tomlinson. Urlacher would have a heyday. They are definitely better as much as I hate to say it, but the reason I love the CFL is for it's rules.

CFL players a more athletic and it shows, did you see that guy from Dallas last night? how slow he was running?

I don't tell me that the NFL is clean cuz it obviously isn't, since guys are bigger than they have ever been and it seems that on average, one player dies a season from exhaustion from pushing their bodies too hard.

Hey BS, yes, the NFL has talented players cuz they have the money for it and the first pick of the crop every year. That is a fact, whether we like that or not.

But after what I have seen the last few weeks, it seems that they are only better by a hair, and that only has to do with the training they get.

I mean, if your a player in the NFL making millions of $$$, are you gonna get a second job in the off season or train harded? if the CFL could afford to to play their players more that they didn't have second hand jobs, they would train as hard as the NFL players. Would they be on par with them then, probably not.

Same here, RF, but after watching the NFL, players aren't that bad either.

2 things I have to add.
I don't agree that NFL players are better than CLF in every case. There were quite a few that left the NFL back in the 70ies because the CFL payed better, and they could not cut it here.

Sometimes I wonder it the CFL and the NFL don't have some hidden agreement where the NFL will take 1 or 2 and automatically cut the rest.

There have been a few CFLers that tried out in the NFL and have been cut.
I cant believe that they are not even good enough to be 2nd or 3rd string

The was one guy last year, I cant remember who but he caught 3 passes for 3 tds in the preseason and was cut. It just makes me wonder sometimes

so you saying that a guy that plays good in the CFL preseason, the NFL says "we'll take him" and the CFL team cuts him so he can play in the NFL?

The guy you are talking about ro1313 is Matt Dominguez. HE played very well for the Jets. He had basically made the team as their 5th reciever. Unfortunately for him there were a bunch of injuries to some other key spots, and they just plain didn’t have room for a 5th rec.

I am still suprised no other team picked him up.

Kanga I am well aware of why the NFL has the better players. $$$.

Kanga you also have to recognize the reason you seem to think that it is only by a hair, is that people are slow, and that they have trouble making huge impacts sometimes. The reason for that is that every single person on the feild is a top qualified player. It is harder for a reciever to burn those db’s. The Linebackers are insanely good, and the DL is right at the line of scrimmage so it is harder to run. That is why they have 4 downs, because without it, no one would score.

I love the CFL, but it is only common sense that the NFL has more talented players.

And ro1313, you are correct that some people are more adapted to our game then theirs. A lot of the linebackers in the CFL would be playing DB in the NFL, yet they are better suited to play LB. Its just the way the games are played.

CanucKev couldn't agree with you more. It is the typical American hype/propoganda that some people choose to believe, such as Peter. Most of us who think logically agree how the CFL is much better entertainment value played by more skilled athletes. Period. Because they are being overpaid does not equate to superiority. Period.

No Kanga that is not what I am saying.
Go read it again.
There will be a quiz later

[quote="ro1313"]2 things I have to add.
I don't agree that NFL players are better than CLF in every case. There were quite a few that left the NFL back in the 70ies because the CFL payed better, and they could not cut it here.

Vince Feragamo, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, Mark Cousineau (If I speeled it correctly) Immediately come to mind. They couldn't adjust to the wider field and maybe lasted 1year, maybe two years up here.

Its like comparing Sparton and MacIntosh Apples. Both look the same but have a different flavour.

NFL is built for strength and size for that postage stamp field. Up here, you have to be able to move!

I don't by this idea conspires against the CFL players. I honestly believe that the NFL doesn't care aobut the CFL, period. The NFL is a model league, where the unions haven't took over. Look at Doug Flutie, Vanderjagt, Josh Miller, Warren Moon, Joe Horn, Jeff Garcia, were they discriminated against? NFL coaches try to put out the best players that they think can win the game. Put yourself in the coaches position, i don't care where the player is from if he is good enough he plays. Nick Kaczur a Canadian who was drafted by the Argos is starting for the New England Patriots this is rare a rookie offensive lineman starting in the NFL. Some how i don't see him saying the NFL discriminates.

To Argotom: What do you mean that anyone who thinks logically likes the CFL game better. Obviously, most people on this board prefer the CFL game. It all about preference. I like a running style more, but i still like the CFL. Most Canadians should prefer the CFL style game, its what you grew up with. I like the NFL style better probably because i having playing that style for 12 years, and have studied it. I' am just learning the CFL game, but i would never say an ignorant comment like that. Both leagues have rules that i don't like, NFL ot, and CFL 1 point rouge. 70,000 people at just every NFL game aren't thinking logically? Who know's maybe I'am not thinking logically.

Alright, I agree, only wish that my friends off the site would shut up and wisson to me.

Peter How can you not like the Single??? :twisted:

BTW, end zones should be 15 yards in the NFL, not 10, way too small.

I think its a slap in the face for the defense who just stopped a team. Then you run off the field and the dumb punt returner gives up a point.

As for the 15 yard endzone, i disagree there. The offense already knows where the plays going, and with the new rules the refs call pass interference all the time. I think scoring would go through the roof. If the endzone was 15 yards my Patriots wouldn't stand a chance, and the Cilts would easily win the superbowl.

Peter not be be disrespectful and certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion, isn't that what life is about. But, I think we can all agree that our field being bigger and the type of game and unique rules, requires a more specialized, agile and physically fit athlete. On the other hand, your NFL with the different rules, smaller postage like field deals with brute force versus agility. Its slower pace generally results in a more methodical and boring like game. Most important, I take exception and will not adhere to the motto because its American and pays much better, it must attract a better athlete. . Your World Champion mentality is pure unadulterated nonsense.

it adds a whole new level to the game!

the D has more field to stop the O, and if the get close enough to score, it's there fail, not the O.

How well, do you think, would players like Chad Johnson, Peyton Manning, Tomlinson, Alexander, Marvin Harrison, Brian Urlacher, Randy Moss, Carson Palmer, & Nathan Vasher would do in the CFL? These are players who are bigger, can run faster, catch better, tackle better, throw better then CFL players. If the CFL players were as good as athletes as these guys they would be playing in the NFL for more money.