OT: How is the new NHL?

I haven't seen a game yet but how is the new NHL??? how are the new rules???

pretty good from what I've seen. lots of speed and offense and no hooking or interference is allowed. But there are too many penalties until everyone gets used to it.

it's gonna take me a while to get used to it. I'm a fan and lover of old time hockey, that is real fucking hockey right there!

8 Canadian teams vs. 20 american ones, most in the north, nothing I like better, except the CFL with 10 teams and the AP.

montreal 2-0 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HELL YA!!!!!!
HOW bout Michael "Red" Ryder!

were going 82-0 this year...i can feel it...

I hope the Habs never win another Stanley Cup ever again.

Their fans have had it too easy for too many years...

kind of like my Eskimos.

If we win this year thats 25 in 100 years of existance!!
every four years we have won a cup!! :smiley:
Thats cool!!

From what I have seen(not much) Lots of penalties in the preseason as soon as the season starts, obstruction is OK again.
I thought the goalie was not allowed to handle the puck outside the trapezoid but I watched about 5 minutes tonight and saw it 4 or 5 times

that rule will get shot down in a hurry, I hope.

Which of the 2 are you refering to

As long as it's a canadian team, I'm fine, go and get the cup, but make sure in the stalney finals you shout out "Remember the Nords and Jets" if you face an American opponet or the Canadain West team, can shout of the Jets and the Habs for the Nords.

The new NHL is amazing. I'm pumped.
As for my Leafs.... we lost to the Sens on opening night. First season game ever to have a shoot-out and it was pretty exciting. I hope Mats Sundin gets better and comes back soon because Lindros is playing like a mad man. Finally this Saturday, Hockey Night In Canada is back and I can finally watch the Leafs play againts the Canadiens. Hopefully we will beat the red hot Canadiens and get our first win of the season. Go Leafs Go!



that one

Habs will OWN the leafs

No no no.
None of this Saturday night hockey stuff
The CFL is on and the Als are playing the Riders and you will be watching that. :wink:

No worrys Ro, I try and lisson to that over the rajio (I meant to spell radio like that)

The goalie can handle the puck anywhere except the designated areas behind the net. You will see guys like Brodeur making breakaway passes all the way to the opponents blueline. And they are still calling obstruction. Although maybe they let a couple go. But that's the whole marketing campaign. The New NHL. Without hooking and holding and obstruction all the time. We will see.

Feel better?

New resisct the goalies movement excpect that he can't chose the blue line, that what I say, he should be aloud to get the puck where ever he wants as long as he is behind the blue line.