OT: Hockey

I thought I’d make this thread so we can discuss about this…well…CRAP that is the NHL lockout. How many of you miss hockey? Who here doesn’t mind that hockey is gone for possibly two years? That being said, If you don’t like hockey dont post!

hockey is the last thing on my mind right now. I just cant wait for the CFL to start.

Well I guess thats about how everyone else here thinks since there’s so few reply’s. lol

To the admins. I think you should make a off topic section for stuff like this. I don’t mind it being posted, but it would be nice if we had the off topic thing and keep this to purely cfl talk.
And yes I do miss hockey, the fact that I am gonna go through spring and not watch playoff hockey is depressing

81 more days

First of all what’s hockey

Second Billy stop complaining about off topic posts. If you dont like it dont read it and dont reply to it. :evil:

Hey man, this site is for the discussion of CFL Football, go somewhere else if you want to talk about hockey. I like hockey but lets talk football. Next thing you know there will be a Britney Spears thread on this site. :slight_smile:

Jeez im so sorry! Please dont kill me for posting an off topic post!! What am I supposed to do if there’s no off topic forum? And its not like this hockey lockout doesn’t affect anybody. Its a serious issue.

Go ahead and post what ever you want. Last time I looked it was a free country

ro1313 read my post again. After you read it ask yourself where did I complain. II said that I do not mind stuff like this being posted, but I think it would be better if their was an Off Topic forumn. Do you not agree with that? I’ll talk hockey as much as I will talk CFL, but since this forumn is called CFL talk, I think it would be good to keep it that, and have an off topic section

Tell me if that is not sensible. If it isn’t, tell me, otherwise shut the hell up

Billy Soup
It took me a while to respond to you because I missed your reply.

To me what is sensible it to read the title of the thread first
The fact that it was called OT hockey should have been your first clue that it was off topic. I don’t think we need an off topic section to tell us what is and is not off topic.

If you look at the main page you will see that there were 9 replies and 83 viewings. 83 people were interested enough to open the page and read what thiefo had to say about it. If you are not interested in the topic then don’t read it, and don’t squawk about it. It cannot be any simpler than that.

Now that I think about it, seeing that you are so much against off topics the only possible reason you had to open it was to complain about it. Would it not have been simpler to just ignore it in the first place?

1 : to express grief, pain, or discontent
2 : to make a formal accusation or charge
Your post was a complaint

I still don’t see where the complaint was

1 : to express grief, pain, or discontent
2 : to make a formal accusation or charge "

I don’t see either 1 or 2 in the above statement about it being off topic. I complained about there not being playoffs to watch.

I am one of those anal people who like things in their place. And I would prefer to have a place for off topic things like hockey, I think it would open up more discussion on other matters like hockey, soccer, how the kids are doing, or whatever. I think since there is no place to put those people do not post these kind of things as much because of response like BCCFLFAN above.

went back and did some reading though hey. haha

of course I went back to do some reading. It would be very difficult to remember all the examples of where you were wrong :lol:
You were not happy with off-topics so you were" discontent " line 1

just to make it more clear
express dissatisfaction or annoyance.
ya did that too

maybe it seemed like it, but I wasn’t. And the fact that I am arguing with you about it should tell you that I wasn’t. I actually want more off topic postst, but because people get mad, you don’t see it on the CFL Talk section. but if there was an off topic section people would not feel hindered. Do you get me?

but this is taxing and I will stop it, I doubt the admins will add an off topic section and this is getting us nowhere. :lol:

The fact of the matter is that since the season has not started yet and discussing which stadium has the most comfortable seats does not interest me, I actually welcome off-topics because we have to argue about something :roll:

looks like to me u guys need some anger mangament help/…tsk tsk …just drop the topic!!! grrrrrrrrrr

i dont mind the lack of hockey as much as i thought i would, cuz i get to watch the mighty Kelowna Rockets own the CHL :smiley:

i completely agree that we should have an area where we can post whatever we hear from other sports or just something that seems to be worth talkin’ about… my friend did this on his site, he called it the Crap Board and it is pretty sweet and very random