OT - Hamilton Restaurants

Hey, just wondering if people knew of some good restaurants to take my parents for breakfast tomorrow morning to help celebrate their anniversary.


"Sunny Side Up" Restaurant on Upper James and Whitechurch in Mount Hope near the Hamilton Airport.

click here for the Hamilton Spectator review.

I personally recommend it. :thup:

THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT in downtown Stoney Creek on King st. has great breakfasts.

Also, RANKIN'S om Main st. E. near Kenilworth has excellent breakfasts too. You might even see Ron Lancaster and Bernie Custis there as I did.

The Old Powerhouse is a great place with fantastic food.They are a Ticat sponsor as well!!!!

Great choices too!...gotta luv "Gus" at the Village Restaurant!

(is it just me or is everyone licking their lips now?) :lol:

thanks guys, keep'em coming.

To me, price isn't as important as the cleanliness of the place and the healthiness of the food.

The Old Mill has a great Sunday brunch.

I agree JAG. My fiancee had her bridal shower there last Sunday, and it was amazing. Good thing we're getting married there...

Went to The Village in Stoney Creek for lunch today. Haven't been for awhile. Really done up the place since last visit. Food excellent, especially breafast.

The Village is really great, we eat a meal a week there (usually dinner; Melinda is a great waitress, and don't be afraid to ask for whatever it is you want that might be different from how its listed, as the Chef can and will do just about anything for you.

Note that Gus has "retired" and the kids have it well in hand, the new upgrades are great, and, if later in the day, the soups are always top of the line, as is the Macedonian Salad.

Doubtful you'll ever have a disappointment from the Old Powerhouse in terms of food or service; the decor is very inteesting, with the solid bronze front doors, the Mark Twain humungous chandelier. Never tried breakfast there, but the "hummus" with a variety of breads is fabulous, the salads are something else.

For a lot more money, the Sheraton downtown does an excellent brunch...hope this helps!

My money stays with the Village...

If it's just breakfast, you can't go wrong with any of the Egg And I Restaurants either.


It was good enough for my friend's wedding day pre-ceremony omelette with his ushers.

I used to go to the Pine Tree on Centennial parkway at the QEW it used to be really good. I just don't go out for breakfast much anymore. Oh also the Derby on Queenston rd at Walter ave was good too great homemade sausages.

Can't go wrong with the Village Restaurant - great breakfast at great price

Can't go wrong with the Village Restaurant - great breakfast at great price

thanks for the help.....we ended up at Duff's in Ancaster for their buffet.......I recommended The Village, but nobody seemed thrilled as they had never heard of it before.


Thanks for the help though.

There's a website called www.MenusOnly.com that shows menus for restaurants around Hamilton and Ancaster. You can view their menus and print off coupons. Duff's is on there, and so is the Egg & I.

A good place that i go to is up on rymal road and nebo it is called grandma willies or something like that it is on the left hand side coming up from upper ottawa good food never had a bad breakfast there....

my parents love Gramma Willie's

I agree, Rankin's is the best place to eat breakfast in Hamilton....they treat you like family and yes, the Ticats coaches are often spotted in there too.....I also hear they are running some type of Budweiser-Ticats promo where you can win cool Cats swag???....can anyone confirm this?