OT: Guidelines for KK and things

I've come up with a new rule for myslef, boy and girls. Since I'm OCD and therefore can't help myself when I post things, for things that I know are off topic (some I don't know, so be careful), I type out but I'll put () over them, so that you know right away that it's off topic and you can chose to reply to it at your own risk.

I can't censor or pace myself, no matter how hard I try, so I think that is a good solution.

and I can't help my spelling, there are some words that I will misspell and have no idea that I have done so, and there are just some words that I can't spell, no matter how hard I try, so I will do my best to at least ballpark it, and/or manybe the mods can help me out by editing it to the words I meant to say, etc.


so, with that out of the way, I have somethings to feel very good about. The other day I "bought" (I'm renting it really) a small house for myself very close to the college that I'm currently attending for a rent of $200 american a month. I'm very excited about that! and my landlord (who has the dish) has agreed (if they have the right channels) to watch a few CFL games with me for a fee of $10 a month. So now I'm ultra excited and ready for the CFL season! and hope they will release the US sch soon!

Is he charging you for the use of the dish, or is he charging you to watch the games with you?

.....I volunteer to edit your posts for you......... :twisted: ......

I thought Big Dave was the rookie Mod and was stuck, er, ah, I mean assigned Kanga duties! :wink:

Well Hank the tank is now the rookie mod!

Yeah , but he's a brother Bomberfan..........Besides I have this visual picture of Big Dave.... 6'5", Hardhat, Steel Toe work boots, smacking a pipe into the palm of his hand waiting to keep Kanga out of line!

…now guys …take it easy on the bretheren…Kanga trys hard…he just has a little trouble getting his message across sometimes … he is getting better…and now with RedW… censoring him …ah er… editing him… things will flow more smoothly for my man…onward Kanga… :smiley: :arrow:

Thanks pappa Curly!

...anytime ..red..... :lol:

As a matter of fact it is both Big Dave. It was originally my idea.

I must say that twisted grin icon is somewhat worring to me. Please understand what I meant was that I may only need help with the spelling kind sir.

You are paying someone to watch the games with you?

Must be nice to have too much money!

The cost happens to be $10 a month. And I will not watch ALL the games. Really ro, that would be highly improbable.

No kanga
It not that he is charging you to watch the games(which is illegal by the way)
You said he is charging you to watch them with you!

I understand, but it is his TV and Dish. Rest assured, I am not securing his friendship by paying him bribe money to be a CFL fan, he is certainly welcome to enjoy the game alongside me if he wishes to do so. You have my word that no one is forcing anyone to do anything here against their wishes..

oh so you will be watching with him
not him watchingwith you!

He is still a cheap.....

Dear sir, it happened to be my idea, not his.

He has never heard of the Canadian Football League before.

I thought that he was going to feed the wire into your place so you could watch what you want whenever you want! (which is illegal) If you are paying him 10$ to watch a game at his place then he is a cheap.....

Yes indeed it was my idea, and it would be 6 farthings to add the extra channels each month of the year (but he already has them, as I am positive Greek TV is part of his service package, therefore he should have telecasts of the CFL). It is an extra 4 farthings for the use of his television watching device which I could pay each time I use it or a monthly fee, again an idea of my own making.

And positively no, nobody is taking me for the fool. No person, ro, is 'ripping me off' to use a guttural colloquialism.

How much is 6 dolleges in Canadain money or American for that matter.

Seems to me you are beter off paying for the service

Indeed, I seem to be

6.00 USD United States Dollars = 6.89460 CAD Canada Dollars = 3.876 Farthings > 3.3 Kroons of draught measure = 1 USD = 1.14910 CAD 1 CAD = 0.870246 USD

By my estimation it would appear to be about a 'dollege' more.