OT games

Is it just me, or has there been alot of games going into OT this year, and now two games ending in a tie!

I'd say two ties is definitely rare!

...what do you think Chief, the LDC and the Friday Rematch both end in ties?....

...something tells me though that these ties are going to come back to haunt one of our teams later one in the season....

OT should be changed as it now stands.. giving the offences a short field is not a good way to solve the game. If you are going to have OT, play the game as it should be played, make a team EARN a victory.

Over-time should be dropped completely from the regular schedule. Rationalizing that fans want to see a decision is a strange excuse for OT and especially for the flawed OT format in place right now. A tie after 60 minutes is a legitimate outcome and each team has earned it's point.

Reserve OT for playoff games and go back to the old format of 2x10 minute halfs. Teams spend the whole season playing football with it's various strategies. It just isn't right for a season to be ruined by some gimmick in OT.

I love the OT format, in fact expanded until there is a winner, so go into as many rounds as necessary.

I agree. Someone is getting screwed. :stuck_out_tongue: I was really hoping you guys wouldn't tie the Lions. I was banking on that one point to keep us ahead of you guys...

But regardless of what happens now, the Labour Day game and Rematch should be amazing! And hopefully no more ties! :lol:

:P Too many ties, maybe they should play for an extra point, if its still tied after OT, then the kicker that gets the longest FG will determine the winner. :P

Sambo you have been watching too many NHL shootouts.

The OT we have is stupid.

Field goal shoot out!

Seriously, two ties does not a problem make. And letting them play till there’s a winner is just asking for injuries.

Either have sudden death if it really bothers people that much or leave it the way it is. This is a points system so ties are still useful.

The NCAA requires teams to go for two points after the second OT. I like the 2OT rule here in CAnada, but since people start so close to the goalline, they should have to go for two at the start of OT. That would make OT less likely to end in a tie.

Also, I don't think OT scoring stats should be figured into team statistics, but indiviually it's okay. I just think it is a bit weird when a team gets credit for having a better or worse offence or defence when they play two series starting on the twenty-five.

you rarley see two ot games that end in a tie. what they should change in the rule book is that you keep going untill there is a winner that or it gets tho late,boring ect.

It’s the 35

I don’t mind the total points in team stats but I don’t think they should count should total points ever come into play in order to decide standings.....It will prob never happen but!

AS for a lot of ties this year.....
There were 8 in 2002
3 in 2001
5 in 2000

overtime should be quick and simple, there is a coin flip, you kickoff, if one team scores the other team gets one drive to tie tie it, you keep going until one team that cant comeback to score, no short field.

Ok the OT Format back then was alright. I think as well that the current one is good

remember the day when it was 4 rounds? that was wild! Calgary and Sask tied that one game there was like 120 pts scored that game! my oh my.

I think they perhaps need to find a way to reduce the ability for a tie in the OT though.. perhaps eliminate the 1pt convert.??

After watching that game, while I wanted my Lions to win, both teams played so hard, they both deserved the result.

I don't have a problem with the overtime system........

The only things I might change are, start them at the 40--not sure if I like them starting in "automatic fieldgoal Range" and a 3rd OT with a forced 2-point convert might be sweet.
But the shootout system has been a ton of fun since it was instituted.