OT: Gambling bust involves Tocchet and Gretzky's wife


The Coyotes assistant coach and WG's wife just made a fool out of themsevels and the Coyotes (again for the former Jets).

old news...im the state trooper..lol

sry, D God, for taking over your job here, just saw this on Fox Sports and thought "should post that".

Janet is going to jail, poor #99..been a tough year for him..
Tocchet was a heck of a player, one of my all time favorite Flyers...
Atleast they were not betting on hockey, saved the Coyotes a black eye..

dang, hoped they did bet on Hockey, throw more dirt on the Coyotes (aka former Jets).

So they bet on football. Who cares? Did it affect the outcome of any Cyotes games. I doubt it.
Maybe it affected the outcome of Sundays game (the super snore) but I am sure there was more than 1 person who threw that game. I mean all the refs had to be in on it as well. They must have made a killing. :mrgreen:

Hmmm Did they bet on Pittsburgh Steelers??? :wink:

I agree big deal. If they didn't bet on hockey...who cares? No conflict of interest.

I could be wrong, but I don't think they're really concerned with a conflict of interest (since there isn't one) or the actual betting. Betting on sports is not illegal, so long as you are reporting your winnings. That seems to be where the concern would lie.....

Oh yes jm02...the IRS comes into play down there

hey guys, your no gonna believe this, but their is another CFL fan on the Georgia College and State Uni campus besides myself. I saw a guy with e Calgary hat, and I called to him, since I was wearing my lucky BB hat, but he didn't hear me. So there is at least two CFL fans in every college in the US methinks.

and this has to do with the betting scandal how??

Some how me thinks this guy has been on here before, and maybe knows of you and chose to not hear you

That sounds like the truth Billy.

thought I just bring that up, this is my topic after all. and I thought you guys would be happy to hear that their are 2 CFL fnas on a college campus in central Georgia, in the middle of no where.

possibly, but he had his Ipod on at the time, that could have been a factor too.

.........doesn't automatically make him a stamps fan........Southern Methodist University has had the galloping full-stride horse logo long before it graced the grille of the Ford Mustang or the helmets of the Stampeders........this fellow you saw could be a SMU Mustang fan, not a Stampeder fan......

No Red, I think he saw the Bomber logo and didn't want to talk to him! :wink:

But the Bombers have Tee Martin........................... :mrgreen:

No, it was the Stamps, it had the CFL logo on it at the back, RW, I'm 100% sure.

and you guys have got to come up with a new logo IMO.

god, I hate Martin, he is one of the reaons the BB wasn't in the hunt last season, he's the top guy on the BB's trade and drop list.

Berifly taled to him, a "you teams going down this year" talk. net time I'll ask him about stuff and to join the forum, but I don't think he'll be active on here (and he willn't be like me).