OT: Forum Upgrade?

When is one going to happen? The forum is completely out dated.

It would be nice if the people who run this forum could give us a better experience when it comes to talking CFL.

I noticed another forum that uses phpBB and that's RealGm.com, but with A LOT more features.

They include:

  • Team logos beside each users name should you choose the option.
  • Able to play Youtube videos.
  • Able to post Tweets also Vine.
  • An 'and1' feature that is like a rep for someone agreeing with your posts.

So my question is why should we settle for the absolute crap when it comes to forums?
Fans on here deserve better and upgrading the forum is the least that the CFL could do.

I don't disagree with you Redblacknation - but proceed with caution. There have been a few other chat boards I used to participate on that when they were 'upgraded' seemed to lose a lot of their older (and most interesting) posters who for whatever reason stopped posting once the upgrades happened. Likely due to technical difficulty issues - so they just gave up. A couple of very active forums I used to read a lot practically withered to nothing after being 'upgraded'.

Yeah, i hear what you’re saying, but if one were to happen, they could sticky a thread asking for people thoughts when it came to features/ideas.

RealGm a month or two ago did upgrades where they let the whole community know what was exactly going on and they changed plenty of stuff to make the members happy. It just wasn’t ’ here’s the upgrade talk to you guys in another year"
They made the effort to make sure most were happy with the changes.

I see so much potential here in the CFL community that we can actually make things more appealing for all the great fans.

New team, new stadiums, more interest than ever, it’s time to follow suit and upgrade the forum, IMO.

If done right, it could absolutely attract more people and make this place even better.

Another cool option that's possible in a potential upgrade is a notification that tells you when someone has quoted your post(s).

I agree with most of what you wrote but this exists in your control panel already.

Assuming, of course, that you never change your email address. My id is stuck on an old address, and I can't get it changed. And if my old service ever reissues my old id, it'll be receiving a whole mess of apparent spam from this site.

Not having used many other boards, I'm curious what features people think are missing here. For me it's enough, but maybe because I don't know any better.

On RealGm they have a notification option which is on top of the page on the forum that gets highlighted when someone quotes you.

No need to check email.

Some people may be fine with it right now because as you said they wouldn't no what they're missing out on.

This forum as it stands is about as basic as you could go.

Much more room for improvement as i listed some of options in this thread already. :slight_smile: