OT; For Sooner/NBA playoffs

hey guys, just wantted to show our firend from OK this news report I found on a brack from studying.

Hornets report: Getting inside

April 20, 2006
The Sports Xchange

What difficulties could possibly await the New Orleans Hornets as they head into next season?

They're playing 35 of their 41 home games in Oklahoma City one more time, purportedly the last, if NBA commissioner David Stern can be believed.

The Hornets' lease agreement with New Orleans Arena and the State of Louisiana essentially binds the team to New Orleans through 2012. The Hornets are being allowed some leeway for next season while the city continues to repopulate, though. By the letter of the lease, the Hornets are immediately obligated to return to the Crescent City because the arena has been made "NBA ready."

That part of the agreement went into effect in March when the Hornets played three games to sellout crowds in the arena.

Folks in Oklahoma City are apparently under the mistaken impression that the Hornets will play in that city beyond next year.

Stern was recently asked if there was any way the Hornets' lease in New Orleans could be broken, and he said emphatically there were no plans to attempt such a move.

That means one more lame-duck season in OKC before a return to New Orleans for the Hornets, who were the surprise team in the Western Conference this year.

So there you go, OKC will host one more NBA season and then the Honest will move on and that's good cuz it's likly that they will be New Orleans only pro team, although the NFL is commented to keeping the Staints, but I doubt they will stay in the city, like the Marlins in Miami. Hope that there will be a large turnout in Sheveport for the Staints ex game there in August, so large that a gropu from LA buys the team and moves it there becase NO will no be bif enough anymore to support two pro teams.

I think OC has proven though that they can support a pro team and should be active in landing a team in the others leagues, I sugess the NHL. They should get a gruop togerther to buy one of the teams, I'm going with the Ducks and relocate them to OKC

ok, now that that's off my mind, here are my predictions for the NBA playoffs (I wouldn't bore you with the standings, just give the playoffs)

Frist round

Det over Mil (good to see the bucks back though)
Mia over Chi
Cle over Was

Sac over SA (big upset, and SA is overblown)
Pho over LA
Den over ST.L (aka LAC, but they SHOULD be in ST.L IMO)
Mem over Dal

Secord round

Cle over Det
Mia over NJ

Pho over Sac
Den over Mem

Conference finals

Mia over Cle
Pho over Den

NBA finals (whatever that trouphy is called)

Mia over Pho (can't pick PHO, sorry)

The only thing more boring than basketball is baseball.

Kanga, I'm going to steal a page from you. I have a rule change proposal for basketball. Give each team 90 points, and play a 5 minute game. Afterall, its the last 5 minutes that take 1 hour to play that really count!

well Sportmen, basketball isn't a bad sport, weild, but not bad, and has gone though alot of chage though the years. I don't mind watching a game or two, I followed the playoffs a bit last season during the NHL lockout.

and the NBA is one of the most prefect pro leagues out there IMO, and is secord only to the CFL. It has a good balance of big markets and small markets, and repects the former ABA teams and is considing expanding one more time to two citys that used to have ABA teams, Louisvill and Norfolk (which is more than I can say for the NHL in regards to the WHA teams).

But I'm concernd with the NJ nets possible move, cuz I never want to see the Nets come back as the NEW YORK NETS ever again, and would stop following the NBA if that happened like I have stopped following MLB.

speacking of which, Marlins (used to be my team) are going to be moving soon to San Antionio, you hear it here frist.

abosultly most boring sports is basketball and baseball.

Oh basketball isn't that bad...it just needs a couple of real changes.

First to 120 points - breaks after one team scores 30, 60 and 90.
Slow whistle rule - And-Ones are given after a possession.


expain in detail Steve, you got me intrerested in the 2nd rule.

if the frist rule is like a mercy rule, in that frist team to score 120 wins the game, sry, mate, I don't like that, that's almost like the frist team in the CFL getting 40 or 50 points wins the game, despite the fact that the other team in the time remaning could come back to tie and send into OT, or win. just doesn't give the other team a chance, which is one reason I love this from of GI Football more than the american version

21 is a great game, but not in these kinda sports.

oh no!
Wait Maybe he will forget about the CFL rules

don't worry, ro, this is basketball were talking about here, not football

and I wouldn't support a mercy rule for the CFL and/or put one on my rules list (which, as the other thread shows, I only give a dang about three of them), if your a team that done by lots of points, play harder and tie or win the game, becase with the rules in the CFL, YOU CAN COME BACK!!! it's not impossible depending on the points that your down by, but if you down by alot, it might be impobatable, or just give up and lose.

bottomeline: no mercy rule, period, that can stay in Cricket ans other sports thank you.

The NBA should award one point if a shot hits the rim. And free throws should be an automatic point, with an extra "action point" if they make the shot. And move the basket to the tenth row.

Other than that, it's the greatest sport in the world. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: problem is that Basketball isn't football, oh why am I saying anything? back to laughing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm surprised that no one has given their predictions as well.