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It's pretty sad when an honest (albeit poorly timed) statement made by an incumbent politician is enough to sway voters in one political direction or another.
Shame on the Conservatives for using such desperate measures to attract voters to gain power. How pitiful.
Then they come up with a scheme for "Sports Families" to allow parents to claim up to $500 per child who plays organized sports. Do you realize that the toatl amount that can be claimed is 18%? That only amounts to a return of approximately $50 per sports playing child.

What a pitiful Party they are. No wonder there is such apathy at election time.

Thats the big problem i have with liberals in Canada and the US they think that the citizens are stupid and don't know how to spend there money. So they raise your taxes through the roof and you pay for some of there friends to get fat. These crooks know how to spend your money. Sorry, why don't you put the money back where it came from, my pocket, so i can decide how to spend it.

I wonder if the kids have to finish the program to get the tax credit.
How many parents out there will sign up the kid, take the reciept and the kid never even shows up?

This is being blown way out of proportion. Like others have said, the point he was trying to make is very valid, but he said it in a dumb way. Yes some people know how to spend their money, but a heck of a lot don't. I don't like the idea of just giving the money out.
I don't exactly know all the details of the Liberal's plans, as I don't have kids and don't plan on them for a good while, But what I thought it was, was that existing daycares would basically get paid by the gov't instead of the parents. Or are they setting up actual institutions??

I don't exactly how THEY (the politicians) want it to work....but I see it this way....you enroll your child and obtain a receipt at the beginning of a particular programme...and at the end of each childs participation. you would only get credit for as much as had been attended... then it would be signed off for each individual by the people in charge of said programme (coach etc)......the only thing I worry about is.... will this be parlayed into some huge bureaucracy...that turns into a taxpayers nightmare....I think the concept is good if they keep it simple and responsible to those who use it...it could definitely encourage kids to get out and get physical...better in the long run for health and the health system... :idea:just my thought..

But , Papalooza, as I stated earlier, the claim will be in the form of a maximum $500 credit on your tax return. This is pure window dressing on the part of the Conservatives to win votes by promising a $500 deduction on your taxes, when in fact, only 18 percent will be deducted from your taxable income. That's peanuts. If this promise tilts the political tide, then this country is worse off than I thought.
I hope people are smarter than that.

I am not so sure about that supersmith
A DEDUCTUON such as UI premioms and Unions dues etc are applied at 18%
Credits such as the Federal Divident tax CREDIT and Investment Tax CREDITS are applied at 100%
Right not they are saying it will be a CREDIT but when it is applied, who knows?

I just hope people are smart enough to not vote for a bunch of thieves.

Harper right?

...like I said earlier....the concept is good....how it is EXACTLY applied is a little vague....like most political promises.. :lol: