OT - Beer and Popcorn

Did anybody hear about the liberals saying that if the conservatives gave everyone extra money for childcare, some people would spend it on beer and popcorn. How does everyone look at this statement?

I unserstand what they are saying, but they way they said it.... That made them look really bad, like they dont trust their own country.

Conservatives SUCK!

this goes right up there with the "let them eat cake" statement made by Mary Antoinette that started the French Revolution.

You wanna vote these people in office Canada?

I think people are reading too much into that statement. The point he made was fantastic - give people money and often they blow it on whatever they want to, instead of what it is supposed to be for - but the words he chose were a little inappropriate for some, I guess. I agree completely with the point of the statement.

I Have two little ones and I would rather have my child go to a day home or to someone that I know who will take good care of my kids, not in a daycare let alone a national daycare. So you tell me how is Martins idea going to help me and the millions of other families who don't put there kids in daycare going to help. The only people that would spend ot on beer and popcorn are the handful of people that don't care about the kids and use them as little slaves.

You are right why should this not be the choice of the parent? Should you as a parent not know what is the best care for your child. Daycares are human feedlots!

KK, I know you don't know a whole lot about our politics, but uhm....... the statement was made by a liberal, the liberal party's main spokesperson in fact..... so if you're against conservatives, why are you asking if people in Canada want to vote for the liberals?

I personally think that although he's right, it doesn't provide for gov't control of where the money goes, I don't think the gov't should have that control. My fiancee and I plan to have her stay home with our kids while they're little, as my mom did with me and my brother, so the liberal plan really won't do anything for us. With the conservative plan, at least we'd get some help.

Besides, the liberals have apparently (I didn't pay too much attention back then as it affected me even less than it does now) been promising day care help since they were elected in '93, why is it only now that they're even vaguely following through with it?

Beer and Popcorn???....Just think of the money they could have offered us if they hadn't wasted it on the Sponsorship, or Gun Registry, Or the Red Stripe on the Blue Background.......On and On it goes.

Or how they're planning on spending more money to ban those three legal handguns that are left......

Did you notice the long line up of Motorcycles from the Hel*s Angels when it was time to register the guns…NOT!

Did you see the Youth Gangs lining up to register their guns? …NOT!

Did you see some goofy artist get 1 million dollars for painting a Red Stripe on a blue background for some museum back East? ( My grand kid would have gladly painted the same thing for $20.00 )

Yeah, I've never owned a gun, shot a couple a few years back which will most likely be the only time in my life that I do, but for all the money that has been wasted on this registry idea, it still hasn't apparently stopped those kids in T.O. from shooting each other. I read a bunch of letters on the CBC website in regards to the proposed ban, I didn't realize how restricting the current laws already were as far as how you have to handle the weapons.

And not to stereotype, but the people that were for the ban seemed to typically be from large urban centres where they don't have to worry about wild animal attacks very much, not guys who live out where bears occasionally roam. I don't see why just cause a bunch of kids in T.O. are shooting each other, some guy up in the Yukon can't protect himself if he likes to go skidoo-ing in the woods.

Beer and Popcorn?! :shock:

Is that another Gliebermen promotion? :?

Fantastic!! :smiley:

First off, it was one Liberal, not "The Liberals". Secondly it was funny. Thirdly, some people can't be trusted. Unfortunately there are some who would see this as an invite to make more babies to get bigger cheques. Although for a large majority of Canadians this (COnservatives $25/day or week, not sure which) would be a decent proposal, in some areas it would just increase child poverty. In those areas, the problems are already bad enough. Why fuel the fire by giving more incentive to have babies you can't afford already. It is a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. I do think that one politician could have chosen his words more carefully though. I still laughed.

Go Riders!!

Just think, if there wasn’t a sponsorship scandel, Canada might have bought good submarines from the British, not ancient ones. Then, the person on the Chicoutimi wouldn’t have died on the sub from that fire.

Politics waste so much money…

I'm no fan of the Liberals: never voted for them, never will. However, Scott Reid was right in what he said (though beer and cigarettes will be a more likely purchase.) But he was wrong to say it, especially during an election campaign. I think most parents will make responsible choices in how that money is spent, even if some will not.

As for the gun dispute, I understand that though they're trying to limit criminals' access to guns, criminals get guns illegally, so they'll still get them. But I saw a woman on TV talking about her daughter, who was murdered by a handgun that was stolen from a gun store. If handguns were banned, that store wouldn't have had those guns, and those murderers would never have gotten their hands on them.

I don't believe there is any reason for any person, other than a police officer, to have a handgun. They're not used for hunting. And the precautions required to keep them out of children's hands make them impractical as "protection": how are you going to get a gun from a locked cabinet in one room, and ammunition from another locked cabinet in another room, and load the gun while crazed PCP freaks are roaming around your house looking for something to shoot? But if you don't use those precautions, you're more likely to be the victim of that gun than the user.

And art? I remember being at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and seeing a canvas hanging on the wall, completely grey. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't canvasses grey to begin with? Did someone just buy a blank canvas and sell it as art?

I'm getting to really hate Canadian election campaigns. Parties always talk about what the other parties will do, and how bad it will be for the country, without making any suggestions about what they would do differently. The whole "vote-us-in-and-see-what-we'll-do" policy, perfected by Trudeau and used with varying degrees of success by Jean Chretien (won a couple of majority mandates) and Dalton McGuinty (lost badly using this strategy) is not the way to run a campaign.

I don't see any reason for having handguns unless your a cop. But with the money they WASTED on the gun registry (especially for rifles) they could have saved a lot more lives by purchasing MRI machines. It was a dumb idea that they tried to solve by throwing more money at it. IT was originally suppose to cost $2million and has ended up costing over a $1billion. Imagine if private companies ran their companies like that?

I agree: the gun registry was either a mistake, or poorly run.

I have no problem in principle with registering guns: I mean, you have to register your car, and no one complains that it makes them feel like a criminal. But spending a billion dollars on it was a huge waste of money.

...I like the idea of promoting kids in sports...that came out the other day....each family would get X amount of dollars for registering their kids in a sporting activity....football ,hockey,...figure skating, soccer.....I think it would encourage kids to get involved ...who otherwise might not be able to afford it......best thing I have heard from that whole gang of taxgrabbers for quite awhile....if they are going to take the tax anyway...and that includes all of the present political parties......why not give the kids a break... :wink:

.......pretty good idea papa, helps to combat child obesity as well........

Yes it was a liberal and not the liberals who said it.
Although it was said in a tasteless way what was said was correct.
It definitely does not apply to every parent but we all know that there are plenty out there who will take the cash and spend it on beer.

O a side note the Cons have been asking where the Libs are going to get all this cash they have been promising but they seem to be promising the world as well.
So far its 125$ per child for daycare. 500$ for each kid who enrolls in a sports activity, 1.8 billion for the military. They are going to cut the GST and increase the tax exemption for retired people etc etc etc.

I wonder where all that cash is going to come from?????