O'Sullivan and Moss released March 8

This one managed to slip by me.

O'Sullivan filled in nicely, and I am actually sad to see him go. He was brought in to be the #2 though, and clearly Willy is their choice. On the bright side, Levi was promising enough that they kept him on the payroll last season. I hope JT manages to land somewhere, he has a super strong arm.

Moss was a little surprising. I thought he might fit into a rotation with Sanders, as well as some ST duties.

O’Sullivan doesn’t bother me at all, saw it coming… He is old and never really impressed me in any of the practices or games I watched.

Moss saddens me because he could have been like Chris Williams but faster! Even so we have ALOT of receiving talent this year and Moss has injury issues so I understand why they let him go.

O'Sullivan has a strong arm and can throw some darts from the pocket and knows that west coast style offense that Toronto is running. The Argos brought in another Young prospect in Portis but if they are looking for a vet to back up Ray we may see o'Sullivan in Toronto. O'Sullivan is not looking to play for a big Salary or starting spot so he could fit perfectly. He really seemed to enjoy Regina and the CFL. he would fit tight in as Ray and Trevor harris both starred at DII schools and Portis finished at DII school.

good call. I have to agree the Argos would likely be wise in picking him up...even if just for camp to compete for a spot.

Harris, Calloris, and now Portis all have a very good upsides but they are all still really young and the Argos with Ray have a great 3-5 year window to be on top but they cannot afford to lose games when Ray is out with someone inexperienced on that Offence. Even with Veteran Jarius Jackson last year nearly cost them a playoff spot in the few games he had to fill in for Ray and with 9 teams it makes that many more games even more important. they may need JT just for training camp or even one season until Harris or one of the other two gain another year in that offense, I think it will be trevor Harris but who knows