Oskie Wee Wee's: When and Where?

Last night was the annual Lobster fest at the Junior Ranks Mess and a band called Poor Angus was playing.

They announced that there were from Hamilton so I yelled "Go Ticats!". One of the band members proptly replied with... OSKIE WEE WEE. So, like any one of you good ticats.ca members, I replied with Oskiee Waa Waa and then we both finished the cheer.

A similar thing had happend to me in Calgary at the mall when someone spotted my Ticats plates and it also happend at the mess in Saint-Jean when someone spotted my Ticats t-shirt.


Randome Oskie Wee Wee's in Petawawa, Saint-Jean and Calgary

Give me your stories?!?

ps - If you ever get a chance to see Poor Angus you will NOT be dissapointed.

Teacher at my daughter's kindergarden here in Italy wanted me to teach the class something in English. Hence: Oskie Wee Wee... :twisted:

Myrtle Beach's Ocean Annie's... best beach bar ever! July 1992. I wore my Ken Hobart jersey (but instead of "HOBART" I had "ARGOS S*CK" on the back) all week! And I spent pretty much the whole week at Ocean Annie's!!!

I must've heard Oskee-Wee-Wee yelled out 100 times. Funny, the bar was a kinda' daytime thing and the Oskee-Wee-Wees got louder and prouder as the day went on! Must've been the $2.00, 20 oz beers! Ya' think?

Good times!

I just saw everybody's friend, Dylan Atack, do an Oskee Wee Wee on Cable 14

Not a bad effort, but needs more volume and a much meaner -I hate the Argos- face.

Work on that Dylan. :twisted: