Oski-Baa-Baa! Outstanding Ticat Fans in Scotland


On a tiny one lane road on the Ardnamurchan peninsula (nw Scotland) on our trip to there and to Botswana. Had to stop!
Had to shoot this pic!!

LOL.. wow.. impressive... where can I get one of those...... get your mind out of the gutter.. that is cool....

And no "Go East Mountain" signs ANYWHERE...


Sometimes the stuff you see on this board lends itself... LOL




My Dog would have a great time chasing them around......

Hey Mark, welcome back to Ticat land!! Glad you were able to get back on board. Great pic. Just one question. Are they related? Seems to be a bit of a resemblence. Just die the beard yellow ...

See you Monday!

Russ.... I had the feeling that ewe might come up with something like this.

No.... it's mutton like that. :slight_smile:

Any other Ticat animals* out there?

*I may regret this.

Get a pair of “wellies” and some velcro mittens…