Oskee Weepy, Oksee Wah Wah!!!


Stupid, why post something so ignorant? You make us all look bad.

no class.. take a class on class, you no class classless no class!

I don't think it paints Lions fans in a bad light, it's just a stupid thing to post regardless of who you cheer for.

This coming from the guy who was talking trash all week about B.C., and now that they've won, you're still talking trash. If you ask me, the two of you need to learn to shut your traps.

I wasn't talking trash. I just said that Hamilton would win. and I didn't want a West team winning.

I didn't trash them at all, nice try Chief.. UGH!

You posted the following in the Lions/Ticats game thread:

"well, enjoy it while it lasts..

Montreal's gonna kick your ***!"

Maybe I'm wrong but that doesn't exactly ooze class either.



I laughed :slight_smile:

Me too.

You weren't laughing last week!

You could just see this coming. The Puttytats were showboating last week in Winnipeg like they won the Grey Cup. It turns out that they just got to host their first playoff game in 8 years. And in typical Charlie Brown fashion, Kevin Glenn and the Puttytats lose to the not-so-toothless Lions.

I thought Casey Printers broke his thumb; now KG and the poor puttytats will be sucking theirs all winter long. I guess you're all "in the same boat!"
BOO HOO HOO :cry: !!!

Shut up acoc, you're bugging me now. You'll get you're due, I'm friggin hoping anyways. :x

I'm not condoning what apocalypse2014 has posted or saying I agree with any of it (I don't think I've agreed with anything he's posted here) but I will say to Ticat fans that if you are going to dish it out, you better be prepared to take it.

I guess the moral of the story kids is what goes around comes around, and that in a cat fight take the lion over the tiger..

Well, I was laughing when the boys were in the boat, does that count?

I took the beating like a champ and congratulated the Ti-Cats :slight_smile:

And sometimes that's all you can do.I think this is the best i've seen fellow Ticat fans take a loss, usually it's "fire MB!!! he's crap!!" and so on.The loss was painful at first, but it could be worse.The only thing that really made it tough is that now that's it for us until next July.Damn you long off-season :x

can someone explain this whole oskee waa waa oskee wee wee thing?? I saw it twice during the game....once with Hamilton players and cheerleaders and a little kid. What does it mean?? The thing they showed was cute I admit.

This will explain it the best: