Oskee wee wee!

Woke up to the beginning of my holidays today with renewed optimism! I think the 2017 Cats can do some serious damage! Any one else?

NOPE. Not until our secondary is healthy.
now if your holidays are 6 weeks long maybe :wink: :wink:

I'm not ready to give up just yet, as I really believe we are making progress. Lots of bugs yet, but still, progress. Really need to get through this prolonged Western team schedule, while hoping the other Eastern teams keep beating each other. Otherwise, could be a pretty deep hole to climb out of!

I'm also optimistic, but maybe a bit tempered by past experience!

Until we get a GM that can scout a secondary and put one together that can stop a pass, well nothing is ever going to change. I hate to say it but I am becoming disenchanted with the Cats; the game I couldn't wait to see each week is now becoming a "should I record it?" (I don't watch live due to all the stupid flags and challenges that are dragging the game into a morass).

Not surprised to see the stands starting to empty out; Toronto version 2?

They announce a sellout with 15000 people there

It looks like a cross-over season in the east; third place means nothing. TO with Trestman etal are lookin' like they are no fluke. I think it's going to be down to the last game for locking up second in the east for a playoff game; of course we'll oskie squeeze in. :smiley:

I don't know , maybe I'm setting the bar to some a little bit high and to others perhaps a little bit low . I think that the best we can look at for this season realistically is maybe (and it's a BIG maybe right now ) is an identical record to last years team and somehow finish off with the remaining 14 games left to play at a .500 clip to wind up 7 and 7 down the stretch and once again 7 and 11 on the season . The bigger question is if we can once again get to the seven win mark on the season will it be enough to get us a play-off spot like last season ? It's looking more and more likely that the play-offs are going to be once again a 2nd place finish or bust with yet another crossover ESF looming in the picture for this season . A 3rd place finish in the East is once again looking very likely to be not good enough for whoever finishes there to qualify as a play-off team .

We still have 7 games left against our other 3 Eastern opponents plus a home date with the Riders on the schedule . It could very well be that our post season fate could come down to our final 3 games of the season when we'll be facing Montreal home and away with a trip to Ottawa in-between . Once we get by this Alberta swing through Calgary and Edmonton to end this nightmarish portion of the schedule the rest of the season's remaining 12 games are way more favourable it would seem for us with only 2 Western road trips ( Wnp and BC ) and the remaining 10 games all being played in the Eastern time zone with 9 of them being in province games both home and away .

So as you can see and you can call me crazy if you want to...BUT it is doable and this season can still be salvaged even if we wind up at 0 - 6 (which is more than likely ) after these next two games in the Province of Alberta . :cowboy:

BUT and it's a big BUT.........will it be doable ? will it be salvaged ? answer : With this team , who the Hell knows !!! Stay tuned.....Because it might get interesting around here..... BUT then again it might not . :cowboy:

15000 is a sellout? Pretty small stadium! Actually according to this site: Canadian Football League 2017 Attendance on CFLdb Statistics

they are selling at 98% capacity (23,800), well not sure where everyone is sitting.

I would highly doubt Mr. Negative Nelly was there to see how many people were inside the gates. Not sure where he gets 15,000 from. This guy never has a positive thought. Makes stuff up. Glass half empty. Must live a sad little life.

No, check the cross over standings, doesn't look so optimistic.


It doesn't take a genius to estimate the size of a crowd when you know what the capacity of the stadium is .a half full glass has the same volume as a half empty one

I wonder how many paid guests are roving the stadium and hanging out at the bar? I too thought the stadium looked about 2/3rds full at best against Edmonton.

Does it take a genius to calculate 50% of 24,000? (THF capacity)

Hint: it's not 15,000


As has been mentioned ,We have our Kicking game together .
Our D Line is looking good .We’ve blocked a field goal (2?) and punts which I love watching and gives me a winning team feeling potential …
When our Safety returns , Fantuz and a deep threat add to Zac’s offence ,we’ll be exciting after Labour Day and might squeeze into the lowly Eastern playoffs (compared to the Western Division) .
Good things coming after Labour Day when the real football season begins ,really they should give three points for a win after Labour Day (tongue in cheek) and two points or 1.5 before … Summer time… :cowboy: :thup:

Ex Pat -- he didn't say it was half full. He said the attendance looked like 15,000. The half full comment was in response to Lenny saying he was a glass half empty kind of a guy..

And-- what is there to be happy about? The team has been terrible. So, criticism is warranted. Ellingson has proven to be better than Tasker-- so criticism is warranted.

Popp and Trestmann seemed to have built a solid team in 3 months and our's is a mess after 5 years of Austin-- again -- criticism warranted.

Injuries -- everyone has them, it's football. But, since the Ticats have no depth, the injuries have a greater effect. Heck, Calgary lost most of the O-Line and only lost one game all year last year. They seemed to be able to find replacements. Sherrit is out for the year in Edmonton. Williams hasn't played this year in BC, and missed the Grey Cup with Ottawa. Every team has injuries, but not every team needs excuses.

I guess different teams have different expectations. In Hamilton it seems like it's okay to sneak into the playoffs, or play around 500 football, and lose in the Grey Cup. Yes, I agree those 500 teams losing in the playoffs seem pretty good now, but other teams demand excellence.

E.g. Mike Benevides coached the Lions for 3 seasons;

2012: 13-5 (better than any Ticat season in history)
2013: 11-7
2014: 9-9

Those records were in the west -- no gimmes out there. But, he didn't win the Grey Cup, and his record went in the wrong direction, so he was FIRED by Buono.

Imagine how long Wally would have put up with this mess in Hamilton.

Thanks for the math lesson but you seem to have missed the point

Have to agree with everyone of your points; I am very tired of the "injury" excuse too, Fantuz isn't THAT good of a receiver that he is going to turn a team around.

Its not rockets sciences.
Run the friggin' ball. 20 times or so.
Austin is the Anti-Bruno.


100 catch Nationals are a very valuable piece

He still isn't going to change the team; one player does not a team make. Plus he is becoming very injury prone now.