OSKEE WEE WEE (The NFB short film from 1967)

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Great little film .

The CFL needed more of this film documentary like the NFL films .
It was only missing the deep voice over .

If you only watched the black and white Grey Cup game it doesn't give you the more earthy tones .

The sense of belonging to something bigger . Something that reaches you inside and connects .

The atmosphere , the quality of the film work , the fight in the stands , Miss Grey Cup etc.... .

It leaves you with wanting more ....... .

Thanks Mikefrmthhammer . That's my first viewing . Nice to see the Ted Watkins touchdown again . Sadly it was his last game .

Pat Lynch (67 Defence is best in CFL history)

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I remember distinctly his passing due to a botched armed robbery attempt (?) in the off-season. He truly was talented and it was a shocking loss to this youngster (at the time).

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