Oskee Wee Wee (the film) - 1967

Came across this at the national film board.

1967 Grey Cup short film (10 minutes) called Oskee Wee Wee

I enjoyed it!


Nice NFB film! I have seen it before, but it doesn't hurt to watch it again. The good ole' days! Marching bands, parades, fans all over the streets, Miss Grey Cup pageant (OK, not PC - I get it), packed stadiums, frozen real grass field, people on horses in the stores and hotels, trains full of fans, players mingling, fights in the stands (did I cover it all?) Actually, it does bring tears to my eyes. I really enjoyed seeing a classy player like George Reed congratulating Gord Christian after the game. BTW that was 1967 Grey Cup final. I was 15, Oh, those were the days my friend... :musical_note: :musical_note:


Best Ti-Cat defense ever?


Mosca thought so. And that’s good enough for me

I am sure that the ball hawk #26 Garney Henley would agree. As well as John Barrow,etc

That's a great short film! WOW!

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Loved it :blush:

I should have added I was a young lad of 12 at the time and my Uncle Buddy was a big SK fan and we won 24-1 and I never let him forget it😅

I remember the game like it was yesterday even though I have added another 54 years on.

Oskee Wee Wee

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