OSKEE WEE WEE: Erik Harris

He looked slimmer in black and gold (#41) instead of silver and white (#25). Well done by an ex-cat. 8)

Love the Raiders. He just traded Silver for Gold. That was an awesome pic 6…and he never forgot us or put CFL down…unlike that idiot Theisman.

For all you ticat forum trivia buffs Erik Harris was one of the names included in the infamous "Austins Love Affair With Sub Par Talent" thread.

Yup, Erik Harris, sub par talent.

I can’t quite recall - was that your thread?

Goodness gracious, no.

I seem to remember that at one point, he led the ticats in touchdown pass receptions. First player to score two that year.

I could be remembering wrong.

According to CFL.ca, on offence, he caught 1 pass for 55 yds for a TD in 2014, and 1 pass in 2015 for 6 yds. He was used mostly on defence where he had 3 interceptions and 3 sacks, and 79 tackles over 3 years.

I just saw that too. So I guess I am remembering incorrectly. Maybe it was just that he caught a pass for a touchdown before some of our star receivers? It was something like that.

He was used almost exclusively on defence, mostly at the SAM position. But he also came in on special teams at a tight end, which is how he ended up catching his TD passes.

I also remember him intercepting a pass and then breaking three or four tackles on a 40 yard return. He didn’t get the TD that time, unfortunately, but I do remember thinking that the team might want to think about putting him in at fullback on short yardage. But he was too valuable on defence to risk that.

He truly was/is a jack of all trades.

The name of that thread didn’t include Austin’s name. It was started by a guy named vinny in July of 2013. He only briefly mentioned that both he and Austin really like Eric Harris but he doesn’t think that Harris is starter material. Harris was a raw rookie then and was nowhere near as savvy as he is now 6 years later. Now it’s easy looking back and telling someone their prediction was wrong.

Ridiculously wrong, yes. And it was easy. Thats why I did it.

Yup , it was started by a guy named Vinny and here it is…


Vinny is a very knowledgeable football fan . His evaluation was accurate . Harris was a young player from Cal U of Pennsylvania . Not exactly Ohio State . :slight_smile: He needed time to develop in to the player he is today .

Harris’ story is not unlike young Canadian draft picks . They need time to develop . If you want to learn anything about young Canadians and the draft, then Vinny is your man . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( a huge Vinny fan )

Except Harris is american. He started in the CFL and then NFL. He wasnt sub par. Other than that ? bullseye.

Calling out a guy for having a wrong opinion six years ago on a message board. Totally sane and normal thing to do. Cool cool cool.

I didn’t say that Harris is Canadian. I did say that he has developed along the same path as young Canadians do .

Pat Lynch

Point is one professional football man , Austin, saw promise . Some guy on a message board , mockingly, saw sub par which is humorous and ironic.
Also ironic is when you have to explain why something is funny it makes it less funny.

Vinny was before my time on the forum, and I had forgotten about a number of the players he mentioned, but have to agree with his assessment of Gable, then and now. Just always seems to be a couple of pickles sort of a full jar with his game.

Gable has been a starting RB in professional football. For 6 years and counting. Kinda has the last word on the matter.

Well said, Mr. Lynch.

By the way. Anybody know what happened to vinny?

With that kind of keen eye he’s probably head of player development for New England.