Oskee Wee Wee Documentary

A couple friends and I are looking to host a back alley movie night/ With the season just kicking off we wanted to show the Oskee Wee Wee documentary unfortunately we are broke and are unable to pay the $70 that the National Film Board wants for a copy of the 10 min doc.
I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to part with their copy for a price or if you wouldnt mind lending it for a night.
btw all are welcome



Here is a copy

That link got partially cut off. Here's the full link:


Thanks guys. problem is in order to show it legally in the public we need a legitimate copy

To me, this raises an interesting question. The link above is to a version on NFB's official youtube page (linked to from nfb.ca). I have no idea what the law is regarding public exhibition of an "official" publicly posted video. Maybe NFB and/or Youtube have fine print in their terms of use that spell out their position (which may or may not be compatible with local laws in some places). But I suspect any "legitimate" copy on DVD or VHS owned by the average person will be licensed for personal use only, not for public exhibition.