Oskee BYE BYE. Alouettes HI HI

Congrats to the Ticats for a hard fought game and great comeback at the end. You had me nervous taking the game to OT, but Printers just seemed so determined to win this game. He badly outplayed Glenn and our special teams were fantastic today. What can you say about Ian Smart? First game since October 2nd and he comes through in the clutch just like he always does.

The Lions will have to be even better next week, but I’m so glad they are playing Montreal. Those are always great games and the Lions seem to have their number over the years for sure. If Casey can play like he did today, I like the Lions’ chances.

To all those cocky Ticats fans who entered the Lions forum before this game and talked trash, OSKEE BYE BYE

Guess that whole no talking trash in another team's forum isn't a rule but more a guideline.
Regardless, I can't wait for the East Final next week! I shall have to stock up again.

What's wrong.. can't take some friendly trash talk? Geez...grow some!

And most of the trash talk stemmed from BC saying the East would be the easier way to the Grey Cup... are we supposed to take that??

Anyways, great game... congratulations on the win!

Considering my thread about congratulating the Cats on a good game got deleted, I'd say its more your mods who can't take anything friendly! Also, what I saw in the Lions forum was not friendly.

Same thing can be said for the behaviour of some Cats fans at various Bomber forums. What I saw was definitely not friendly trash talk.

Grims, for some reason the first thought that came to mind with your comment about the rules being just guidelines was "bloody pirates". :wink:

Was anything said about your cities... your friends... or even worse, your family...??????

Probably not.
As long as it pertains to the teams and to the game, anything is fair game. It's all in good fun.

Obviously, the rest of the CFL has some pretty thin skin.

Read the guidelines, then re-phrase your response.

If you want to trash talk a team, do it in the main board. The team boards are supposed to be safe havens for that team's fans.

Yeah I noticed that too, but actually it got merged into the post game thread. I don`t really know why though.

Also going to another teams forum to troll is not trash talking. Theres a difference. A little trash talk is okay, but disregarding the rules and guidelines is not acceptable.


The funny thing is one of the trolls has never posted anywhere else but the Lions forum. All 100% of his post where in that forum. Talk about an infatuation with a team, or having no life. Honestly I can`t tell.

The next time it happens, you guys should take it up with the B.C. moderators. We don't moderate that forum anymore, so we can't do anything about it.

Yes there were things that were posted at various forums by Ticats fans that would meet that criteria. There are some Ticats fans who are welcome visitors to the official Bomber forum however this past week there were a number who joined specifically to troll and, unfortunately, they gave Ticat fans a bad name in the process. There were also a few who went overboard in the Bomber forum here as well.

I know of a number of Bomber fans who were going to cheer for the Cats this week but after the visits by the trolls, it was decided that BC sucked less. :wink:

I didn't know that, thanks Chief. Good to know for next time! :thup:

Printers. sandbagged in Hamilton now he plays good for B.C?

Congratulations BC!!!

Not sure what Hamilton was thinking not using Cobb more often.


Yup, he had over 250 yards against us in 2 games and had how few carries today??? I know our run D has improved but not to the point where you should plan away from it!

Bah... you deserve it for spying on us :wink:

Maybe we need a section that explains what is a Troll, what is trash talking, There's a bunch of people who dont even understand the lingo.

As for the Lions beating the Als well we shall see. I saw a Lion's team today that faded pretty badly in the second half. I would say they played 40 minutes today, that wont cut it next week, so where they are going to find the legs ?

Trash talking in this section is different. The forum guidelines are pretty clear:

1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams.
but they don't stop people from doing it.

Define trash talk ?

Examples ?