O'Shea's Lies . . . .

Despite O'Shea's lies about both Harris & Nichols being ready for action this Friday vs. Calgary he had to have his spokesman Bob Irving break the bad news to the bombo population today. Harris is probable, Nichols is questionable - which in O'Shea-speak says he's willing to hang Harris out to dry with inferior QBs who can't stretch the field vs. a violent Calgary defense who will sniff out those horrid delayed screen plays that got Harris concussed in the 1st place.

Nichols has been nursing a leg injury for a week or so - O'Shea don't care cuz everyone is ready, right? But Nichols aggravated the thing in a non-contact situation.

Bombers are at the mercy of the schedule now.

If they want a home playoff game they'll have to wish in one hand and pee into the other for Sask'n to whup Edmonton (that's a tough one) while the crippled bombers go down in another heap vs. Calgary.

So why play Harris if you don't have Nichols available? That's a stumper - but O'Shea is good at stumpin' - so long as he can wear those bizarre Bermuda shorts in minus 20 weather.

Bomb squad will be lucky to get out of cowtown without any more injuries - no point in chasing the 2 pts and getting Harris hammered to hell.

Rest Nichols, Harris, even Dressler. Let rookies and hobos run the game. See what happens.

Right now - even if Sask'n topples Edmonton - the bombers won't draw flies to IGF for playoff game - crowd might be in the 12,000 to 15,000 range - even with a ton of dirt farmers coming in from the wheat province (now potash capital)

......We have to give it our best shot Lyle...such as that will be...It might not be enough to win in Cal. but looking like we laid down could be worse....I see your reasoning regarding Harris...if he get's dinged again...UH OH...Flanders has been practicing and I hope he can go against the stumps...Keep Harris on the shelf although I know he hopes like heck to get into the game....he is pursuing a few records BUT team comes first....I'm sure he's well aware of that....I hope we can string together enough pts. so the D can win it...but that part of our game hasn't exactly been blowing teams away lately,,,,The defence is capable of better and they better bring it to Cowtown...It'll be one helluva shocker IF we come home with the 2 pts., far as I see it...BUT give it our best shot with our papered together squad and if we're getting slaughtered out of the gate, go into self preservation mode and hope to hell we don't suffer anymore nic's for the semi...

Another reason to shut down Harris, Nichols and perhaps even Dressler is that our all-star LG, Travis Bond hasn't practiced this week - and is probably another no-go for Friday.
Big loss as Bond is an earth-mover - who gives Harris (or Flanders) and extra quarter-lane to run loose (perhaps 2 to 4 yds extra on most runs. Nothing wrong with Pad Neufeld but he's NOT an earth-mover and his pass-blocking while adequate, won't give his QBs the added time to check down. Heck, even Lord Stanley Bryant and Goosen (C) have been getting pushed, shoved and sluffed last couple games.

Calgary can't afford to go all-hobo (they don't have many really bad players like we do) so they'll try to get their timing and mojo back vs. whatever the big blue throw at them - expect Pope Levi to start - and hope they can build a 17 to 24 pt. lead by half-time and then shut down the engines - let their hobos lock it down and start getting ready for the west final two weeks later.

All your ranting and raving and predictions were wrong Nasty Hate..Harris played and played well.The Bombers didn't need help and went out and secured a home playoff game.Your numbers for the playoff game have no basis in reality like almost everything you spew out.

What was surprising.... is that the Bombers DL made the Stamps #1 OL look like a bunch of hobos

Which was just as well, with the millet-armed La Fevour at QB. There are probably a number of posters on this site, with better arms.

Blue Defense scored or set up virtally all the points.... in that one.

Exactly ! My only addendum is that Lefevour did not throw the game away like the Cal. backups did. Lefevour managed the game well enough to let the D win it for us.

What happened to Lefevour’s throwing ? Last year he burnt us throwing pretty well.

That' What I kept wondering,has he always thrown such an ugly ball?At least he showed he can be a game manager.Hopefully it is a mute point and Nichols will be back.

The only thing I can find is that he had a season ending dislocated shoulder injury when with the ALs. Doesn’t say which shoulder but he played last year for TO and threw OK ?

OK Lyle, NOS and I have watched the film and we can both confirm it went as planned.
No injuries to speak of, and a bunch of positives:
The D line got their mojo working,
The O line should be healthy but if not, we get a free'd up NI to play elsewhere,
Nichols waltzed thru the Airport like he was off to his dance class, he'll be fine,
Flanders took a bit of a pounding and came out smiling,
I think we were plus six on turnover count,
Messam has lost something because he was less than imposing, that Calgary concern may have run its course....,
The WR's caught the ball in some foul conditions,
All in all we got a tune-up for this week's conditions and left feeling pretty good.

The boys over-nighted in Cowtown, no planes left at that late game time, rumour has it Greyhound didn't have two bus's available so Wad bunked the boys in for the night. Kokanee share price up on early trading.

Listening to the NOS on The Coach's Dog and Pony Show on OB last evening the big guy is
sounding pretty up-beat. He actually tried to answer a question and he only had one smirk
in the entire 16 minutes (commercials deducted) of his one hour show. He also, again, appeared to go out of his way to pump Lapo's tires; Kavis you listening?

Don’t know who caught it but Dunigan referred to someone as having thrown a 50/50 ball, it was 50/50 which end arrived first!! Had me laughing all weekend.

......Here's a whopper of a lie....O'Shea says Nichols will go on Sun.....I think his calf is hurting quite a bit and will hurt his game... so I don't think he'll go at all.........I hope he can play.....it's kind of a ''will he???ORRRRR won't he''.....AND I hope the schmoes are gobbling up everything Mike O says....cuz you just don't know for sure.....(really..I think Matts starts and Maas and company are paying attention to Mikey and are as confused as I am writing this and will never no for sure till Sunday :o