Any idea whats hapening with O'Shea?
Adam Rita said they had all but signed his hot stove interview.
Might he be pulling a Karikari?

I was wondering the same thing.

By the way, I was expecting Andre Talbot to be a very sought after FA this year and I just realized yesterday I haven't heard a word about him this winter. Did he re-sign before or after February 16? If it was prior to the FA date, that explains why it made no big story.

I believe Talbot is about the most underrated receiver in the whole CFL. Damn that guy is good. Good for you, you seem to be able to keep him at a reasonable price.

he re-signed with the argos ...4 year contract.

I must have missed it, when did this occur DG? The last I heard he was close to signing.

if your talkin about talbot, heres the link...he signed feb.3rd.


so now they got baker ( my fav ) and talbot thu '09.

Sorry, I knew about Talbot and now Baker. In this posting, I just assumed you meant O'Shea. Have you heard anything?

last i read, they were just sorting out details and o'shea is as good as signed...he doesnt want to leave.

do u know anything about these 2 new defensive players the argos signed?...all i know, is they were in the NFL....but i dont watch NFL, so i dont know if they are gonna have a big impact this year?

Before 05, I thought maybe Mike was done. But, last year he had a great rebound season and is needed back.

so u dont know about the ex-NFL guys?

What the two guys they just signed. I forget their names, weren't both ex first round picks in the NFL.

sounds like u know as little about them as me...lol

Although not connected, it's been awfull quiet on the John Avery front. Now, with a new running back, I guess the team will let them compete for the one position. With Johnson as an able back up. I have read how Avery apparently spent the winter in TO and is working out hard to come back fit and in very good shape.

id like to see both avery and johnson givin equal opportunity to take the starters role....with the cap penalties in effect next season, the argos could cut avery and his big salery to stay under the cap....

Now with the increase in roster size, 46 of which 42 play, whose to say the team cannot carry three RB.

but the cap...avery takes up a 135K chunk from the cap...plus stokes, and levingston, plus these 2 new ex-NFL guys...i think the argos might be capped out right now.

Yes, even though there is a cap this year there will be no penalty faze.

O'Shea is back...signed Wednesday......and I hear with a new mouth to feed. Good thing he co-owns a restaurant. Congrats, Mike!!....and nice to see you still here.

One of those two NFLers picke up was Erik Flowers who was a first round for Buffalo i Billieve (stolen from the Bills msg board) in 2000
I dunno how long he played because he was a Joke (he played DE)

Lee Woodall was the other. He is a two time pro-bowl MLB. I don't think he can pump out 60 min a week anymore, but could be amazing for 20-25 plays a game. Huge addition to Torontos defense in running situation

The paper today said he was one of the fastest defensive players on the field during practice, so maybe he still has it. Toronto seems to know where the talent is in the forgotton veterens. Ever wonder why these type of players always sign with T.O. or even Hamilton? I know the Bills scout every single Argo game and there is always a chance.