O'Shea staying in the present w/ future looming

Forever task-driven and laser focused, Mike O’Shea is locked in on exit meetings with Winnipeg Blue Bombers players and answering questions before they conclude the 2022 season.

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Interesting part of the quote, "I imagine we're going to be an improved team". Is this a Freudian slip indicating he'll re-sign?

Maybe. I expect Bryant to sign.

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I think the locker room culture developed by O'Shea is enticing to not only re-sign many, if not most, of their free agents, but also free agents across the league. Of course, some other teams have good locker rooms too but the Bomber's stellar reputation around the league will help in negotiations.

Hoping Schoen gets an honest chance down south but, if not, he's still under contract for next season. Agudosi (still under contract for next year) is an intriguing player for next year too.

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Absolutely. Not only is the culture in Winnipeg very attractive for the players, so is the fan support and facilities and chance to win. I have posted this several times, namely that Winnipeg is easily the most attractive CFL player destination at present. We may as well enjoy it because it certainly wasn’t always that way. The Bombers have a huge recruiting advantage. They won’t get everyone but they’ll get more than anyone else.

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