OShea retiring

Despite some Hamiltonians' utter contempt for the man, he deserves respect for a remarkable CFL career especially as a Canadian. If you truly love the game then watching O'Shea in his prime was a treat even though he played for the enemy.

His onfield accomplishments are worthy of recognition, and he may be a nice guy off the field, but he was a dirty player and because of that he deserves a lot of the contempt directed his way.

And if he played his entire dirty career in Hamilton he’d be regarded as a saint here.

?Always thought Mikey was a little overrated. He did have longevity to his career, but
watching him play and his lack of speed thought he was pretty much done as a starter about 5 or
6 years ago. Can't knock his toughness though. Tough as nails! Fairly good hitter, but seemed to get there a little late sort of like Hitch (after the catch or after the damage had been done.)

More likely than not. :lol: