OShea retiring

Public Enemy #1 for many Cats fans Mike OShea is retiring this aft along with Chad Folke and Chris Hardy. I guess the acquisition of Zeke Moreno sealed that decision for him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Does anyone really know why back then he signed with the Argos and didn't want to come back and play for Hamilton?

Because Hamilton sucks.... always and forever... duh... :wink: j/k

Dammit...who am I going to take out my frustrations on??
Booing O'Shea was therapy for me.

Honestly...I'll miss dishing out, and hearing, the verbal jabs at that guy. And hearing the addition of "Just ask Mike O'Shea" line to the famous I'd Rather Be A Tiger song...who's the new villain?

Sam Merulla? :wink:

First post here…

Mike is a good friend of mine from way back in high school, and I gotta tell ya it pulled at the ole heart strings when I saw him in an Argos uni.

It was hard to boo him as hard as I did…but I did. Afterall he was an Argo :twisted:

I met O'shea at Grey Cup last year in Montreal and the before in T.O.

He's a fun guy to pick on but he really is a nice guy and has been a helluva player in the CFL. I'm sure he'll be sticking around in some capacity.

Good riddance.

LOL!! Did the Argos sign him, too!?!?

apparently mike still wants to play according to tsn. sorry dont know how to post link to the story

I'm glad that Mike has decided to retire. He was such a good player over the years and made a real impact when he was on his game. I, probably like many, have noticed his level of play decreasing in the last two seasons. Always like it when a player. knows when it is time and goes before everyone remembers him as a "bum".

Never forgive him for a late/dirty hit on Danny Mac late in a game on a 3rd and 1 QB sneak.
Cost us Danny for the season, and I think that was the year that we got to watch Billy Dickens and a couple of other "QBs" run the offence...sort of.
To me that was the begining to our plunge.

Thanks for the memories O'Shea........NOT!!!

I was hoping Mikey stay around a few more years.We had a field watching cat running backs scoot past or run over mikey last year.Does anyone on here remember our run stats against the argos?The last thing we need is mikey leaving now! :wink:

O'Shea chose to leave Hamilton. He was done 4 years ago....so I will miss our RB's running past him (dang just remembered Obie let JL get away)
Anyway, this is still fun......http://www.argos-suck.com/html/mike.html

Yes synth but even if Keith or Caulley aren't as fast as JL in a flat out, more 4.0 yard games game in and game out can take a toll more on a linebacker than someone who averages 6.0 yards a game - for 4 games and then the season is over. And can't catch the ball out of the backfield on swings and roll outs.

On the news he said he isn't ready to retire. Guess I spoke too soon and will be remembered as a bum in his last year.

Let Bring Him back Just Kidding

I'm as anti A#go as anyone, but I can't deny that Mike O'shea had one heck of a great career. If he has a problem now, it would be prolonging his career at a time of his life when he is very vulnerable to injury.
He like others, may have to learn the hard way, the repercussions of overstaying your welcome in the CFL.
I don't know if he'll get picked up by another team, given his age and decline in play in the last couple of seasons, but for his sake, I would like to see him hang up his cleats.

I joke about Mike O'Shea a lot, but in all honesty, I've met him a couple of times and he's actually a pretty decent guy, and had nothing but good things to say about Hamilton and the Ticats.

I wish him the best of luck.

But I will still boo him at the top of my lungs :wink:

TORONTO - So much for Mike O'Shea being ready to call it a career.

The Toronto Argonauts celebrated the careers of O'Shea, centre Chad Folk and safety Chris Hardy at a gathering Friday that was more a roast than a news conference. It had been expected that all three would announce their retirement.

Well, Folk and Hardy did. The 38-year-old O'Shea wants to play a 17th CFL season, however.

It won't be with Toronto, which O'Shea has called home for 12 seasons. The Argos aren't picking up the option year on O'Shea's deal, making him a free agent.

"If I was done, I would know it and I just don't feel like I'm done," O'Shea said. "Whether I've played my last game in the CFL remains to be seen.

"I'm not saying it's going to happen somewhere else, I don't know, I'm not in control of that. But you would hate to pigeon-hole yourself. When you've played as long as I have there are certain points it becomes a business and this is one of them and it's not a smart business decision to say I'm done."

O'Shea's statement raised eyebrows as the overwhelming sentiment was the six-foot-three, 230-pound linebacker would retire, especially if he couldn't continue in Toronto. The native of North Bay, Ont., has enjoyed a stellar run with the Argos, helping them win three Grey Cups while establishing himself as one of the best Canadian-born defensive players to play in the league.

O'Shea spent 12 of his 16 seasons with Toronto after first being drafted in '93 by the Edmonton Eskimos, who promptly dealt him to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. O'Shea was the CFL's top Canadian in '99 and in 2006 became the first Canadian to register 1,000 career defensive tackles.

He ranks second overall in tackles in league history, just 90 behind all-time leader Willie Pless (1,241).

But O'Shea's days with Toronto appeared numbered last season when he was relegated to special-teams duty. And when the Argos acquired veteran linebacker Zeke Moreno from Winnipeg last week, O'Shea's tenure with the Argos effectively came to an end.

In 2007, O'Shea was named an all-time Argo at middle linebacker.

O'Shea said he hasn't yet spoken to other CFL teams and doesn't really plan to. That means the most likely scenario of O'Shea continuing to play is as an injury replacement either after the start of training camp or once the season begins.

O'Shea says he has no pre-conceived notions about where he'll play next although his ability to also play special teams attests to his versatility, something that's valued in the CFL with the limited rosters.

"Coach Stubler (former Argos head coach Rich Stubler) used to have us write down our goals," O'Shea said. "The only thing I ever wrote down was do whatever is asked of me by this club to win a championship."

O'Shea admitted, though, he felt uncomfortable with the idea of attending a news conference announcing the retirement of two players when he himself wasn't ready to call it quits.

"That doesn't make sense to me but it provided me the opportunity to support two guys who I believe should still be playing also even though they've decided to retire," he said. "It also gave me the opportunity to publicly thank the Argos.

"It's different and different isn't always bad. I assumed coming here that it was going to be bad. Why am I at a press conference where people are retiring if I'm not retiring? Honestly, it doesn't seem to make sense. But for the two reasons I gave previously it does make sense."

Argos general manager Adam Rita had nothing but praise for O'Shea.

"He's old school in his beliefs," Rita said. "He's one of the most revered and feared players in the CFL."

Folk, 36, played his entire 12-year CFL career with Toronto, earning Grey Cup rings in 1997 and '04. Folk's future with the Argos became clear when the team dipped into free agency to sign Canadian-born centre Dominic Picard.

"It just seems like yesterday that I was attending my first Argos press conference and it's hard to believe 12 years have gone by so quickly," said an emotional Folk, his voice wavering. "When I think back about my career, my memories aren't solely about the games I play in but more so the time spent with my teammates be it travelling together, playing practical jokes with one another or training together.

"I had the time of my life coming to work every day and that's because of my teammates."

The 36-year-old Hardy, a Manitoba native who grew up in Edmonton, began his 12-year CFL career with the Eskimos ('97-02) before spending the last six seasons with Toronto. Hardy was a versatile performer with the Argos, having the ability to play in the secondary, on special teams and even serve as the club's emergency kicker and punter.

A free spirit, Hardy was remembered as a player who had the uncanny ability to keep things light and always brought levity to tough situations. On Friday, Hardy's sense of humour shone through.

"I was a big Eskimos fan so it was a dream come true when I walked out on to the field at Commonwealth in an Eskimos jersey for the first time," he said. "That dream was shattered, though, when they released me six years later.

"It's not the games I'm going to remember the most, it's the guys. You don't remember the times you kicked three field goals from 19, 30 and 40 yards. It's the road trips, it's losing your per diem in poker game on the train five minutes after leaving the station and having to go to the bank machine as soon as you get into Montreal."

Mike Clemons, the Argos chief executive officer, coached all three players. He was on hand to feted the trio and present them with various gifts.

He gave Folk a deck of cards - to gamble more - and a copy of the Bible for always supporting Clemons and living his life with integrity. He presented Hardy with a Pinball bobblehead doll, "because you have consistently done the work to make guys like me better."

Two water bottles - one empty, the other full - and a football were among the items Clemons gave to O'Shea. The significance of the water bottles was the empty one signified O'Shea having given all he could in Toronto while the full one was a sign of O'Shea having more to give.

As for the football, Clemons said it was for someone who he called a "consummate professional."

"You were made to play this game," Clemons said. "I wish I played it (football) like you."

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=268920&lid=sublink07&lpos=headlines_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=268920& ... dlines_cfl[/url]