O'Shea no influence at all last night..

Mike O'Shea seemed conspicuous by his absence last night. So much else going on for a change that I didn't pay much attention to it during the game. Got to thinking after that I seldom heard his name mentioned during the broadcast.

Looked up the stats and he only made two tackles all night. When you run up over 300 on the ground against a team, I guess you have effecively taken the MLB out the game.

I for one, was pleased when the Argos signed him because I thought at the time that their defence just got a bit slower this year.

I think every touchdown and big run was to his side. The fakes and hand offs were unreal last night. TSN has video up and he lost contain on several occasions.

He;s looking slower this year. Maybe his final season.

TOFAN, I think so too. Unlike many, I still was a fan of his, despite his "defection". Always though him a good ball player. I found him a step slower last year as well. I also saw him becoming a "chippy" player mostly after the whistle. Maybe a bit of frustration when you can't play at your peak. But I do think it will be his last go round.

He influenced me last night...I booed him.

Although he was a CFL player of the week last week, I've noticed his decline for 2-3 years now. Just not around the ball like he used to be, doesn't get to the sidelines like he used to and can't drop back like he once did. Still a good captain on D though and I guess that's why he's back since they haven't groomed anyone to take his place.

An Argo-Cat fan


When faced with a pylon, one goes right or left. Ask Jesse Lumsden. LMAO :wink:

The Belli ejection also did not help. If you don't have enough resistance up the middle from the nose tackle in a 3-4, your MLBs can be exposed. I am sure Hage rubbed out the backup on Jesse's big run late and O'Shea and co. were toast.

O'Shea was outmatched by Lumsden and Printers throughout the game by the zone read option that left him in the backwash of overcommitting to the side where the fake motion was headed, allowing the ball carrier to sneak out the back door for big gains. As most guys at the twilight of his career, O'Shea tends to cheat more on plays like that and if attacked with quick feet and speed, it isn't pretty.

Oski Wee Wee,

After the loss the 15n3ers have to win 14 of their next 16 to get to the magical 15-3 mark OShea said the 15n3ers would get to this season...

And they still have to come to our house twice :slight_smile::slight_smile:

The thing is, you can accidentally trip over a pylon. O'Shame was just mobile enough to get out of Jesse, Casey, Tre, and Jeff's way...