O'Shea in the Green?

Anyone want to comment? I think he would be a great 3rd or 4th LB if the price was right. He is up there in age, no disputing that but we could use the experience to teach our younger guys. I don't know, it was just a thought since we lost so much at LB this offseason. What's your thoughts?

lost a few steps so I would pass

depends 100% on the price.

I vote no, regardless of price. He and Murphy are two players I never want to see as Riders.

I say no! Alex Smith might as well dress as a linebacker if we put O'shea in.

He would be the first Rider I would Hate, and never cheer for. The man is a cheap shot artist. There is no way that he should be part of the Rider organization

Maybe if he pays us....?

AMEN!! keep the dirty guy off our nice field!


No way to O’Shea in rider green

Worst thing that could ever happen,Why did you even think of this?