O'Shea hired as H/C of Bombers


[b]Another CFL head coaching vacancy has been filled up by another former Toronto Argonauts assistant, as multiple sources tell TSN Radio 1290’s Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press that Mike O’Shea will be named head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The 16-year linebacker-turned-coach joined the Argos’ staff in 2010, where he served as their special teams coordinator for the last three seasons.

O’Shea would be the second Argos coach to take a head coaching job since Chris Jones took the Edmonton Eskimos job last Thursday.[/b]

Good for him. He seems to be a players' coach and it's good to see him get the opportunity.

What I posted on The Scratching Post:

[b]I wonder if o'shea will dress more professionally on the sidelines (other than his usual sloppy sweat shirt and pants).

I hope not as he is a pant load, and sweat pants hold a lot more.


Glad he got the opportunity but success won't be easy to come by in the 'Peg. They have almost zero talent and no depth. In fact, Ottawa will likely be stronger then the Bummers next season.

Not sure if O'Shea is ready to be a HC. After a strong first year coaching Special Teams in Toronto, he kind of regressed.

An Argo-Cat fan

Stink..... one more reason to dislike the Bummers. :slight_smile:


Always liked him, it’ll be sweeter whippin his arse as a head coach! :wink:

I dislike O'Shea, but I actually think he'll be a decent Head Coach.

Can anyone out there in Ti-Cat land think of another time in the CFL where a special teams coordinator moved right on up to head coach?

Off hand Billy I can't. ..

But it's an outside the box kind of move, so good on the Bombers. After all, the last few defensive coordinators who moved up to head coach bombed (Richie Hall, Rich Stubler, Greg Marshall, et al).

As knowledgeable and experienced as Cortez, Stubler and Marshall were , all flops as HC, its hard to see what all the optimism for OShea is based on.

Wow, this will be interesting.

Out of the East so who cares. Good luck trying to make the playoffs in the West.

Why do people think he will be a good HC? I personally think it was a horrible choice but im happy they made it.

Dunno about horrible but highly questionable given that its a rebuild and much of the fanbase alienated. Throwing dice

does this mean we have to stop hating him?

Kyle Walters showin' love to a fellow Canadian plus they are joined at the hip since both are alumni of the University of Guelph.
I'm not sure the Bombers are in a position to gamble on a "learn-on-the-job" HC but good luck to O'Shea in any case.

ryan3434, O'Shea is now the Head Coach of a Professional Football team.
A certain amount of respect comes with this position.
So now it must be a respectful hate! :wink:

I wish Mike O'Shea the best. Hope he is successful in the Peg, but not against us.

First and foremost, the players love him. IMO, O'Shea will be the kind of head coach that just finds ways to win games. In 2009 the Argos finished 9-9 and made it to the East Final with 'smoke and mirrors'. A big part of that was O'Shea and his special teams. They didn't have the talent, or the coaching (See Barker and Garber), so O'Shea was coming up with a masterful trick play every week on ST's, plus good coverage and returns. He's an aggressive coach.

Now, I'm not expecting much in 2014. Winnipeg is going to get killed in the West while trying to rebuild their offense.

Do I think they would have been better off hiring an experienced Head Coach? Yes, absolutely. But who were they going to hire? LaPolice is the best guy available, but obviously that wasn't going to happen.