O'Shea contract status

Still a few weeks until FA kicks in. No CBA news.

Wondering if we the people have an opinion on extending coach O’Shea or not.

Not likely to influence any decision makers but still a democratic right.

If O’Shea is smart he’ll take the first extension the bombers offer - maybe begging for a $5 to $10k bump.

Bombers would be foolish to guarantee the guy for 3 years or more.

He’s a career .500 mope. One playoff win in 6 years.

Wad Miller should know O’Shea won’t be the plumpest piece of fruit in the basket if he goes open market. Most other CFL teams see the same weaknesses I see in O’Shea - problem is the Bombers are blind to his failings - or just willing to ignore them!

I believe the league wide perception of O’Shea is relatively favorable and think that if he would have been available Toronto would have at least kicked tires.

Would expect a permission denied reply to anyone interested asking now.

Don’t think anyone has ever asked about O’Shea’s availability. Riders could have by offering head coach and VP football operations to make it an upgrade - but they didn’t.

O’Shea is generally seen favorably throughout the league. But his reputation as a stubborn cuss who believes too much in inferior ballers means he’s one of those guys who’s spoken highly of but rarely (if ever) poached.

…I put O’Shea in the ‘we’ll grin and bear it category’ for this year…IF we don’t get into a Cup game this year all bets are off for his future in Bombertown…

…Nothing to do with us but the riders are apparently flying Trestman in for an interview and have already talked to Bene, late of the schmoes…Interesting

I’m surprised Trestman would be interested. Kind of thought he would ride off into the sunset after last year. Pretty sure he doesn’t need the money or the grief.

Benevides will be as good a man as Sask will find at this time of the year given recent developments. No question he has the passion for the game.

Agree 2019 is a big year for the Bombers.

Exactly how I feel. This is the year… If we win the Cup, he can sign for as long as he wants.

If O’Shea if ever free he will be snapped up in 5 minutes if a HC job is available imo. He’s been a key in totally rebuilding a broken franchise.

And I don’t believe Trestman was ever flown in for an interview in Regina. Any way you can show some credible source for this other than reading it on some forum?

Praying for that day.

Can give you a Weston Dressler discount if you take all three.

It always looks better from a distance.

Wade Miller and his megalomaniac ego are the problem. O Shea is more a symptom of the problem.

Denial is the issue.

If it is me you are barking at regarding Trestman being a candidate for the Sask job, my comments suggesting it be more appropriate to offer him both GM and HC positions was a response to a post on the Sask board of this forum.

No doubt hiring MT would have been a better move imo but that would have brought credibility to the organization and that would never fly in Sask.

Nothing wrong with a farmer from Foam Lake but seriously.