Oshawa Appears Serious About The Ti-Cats

According to this story Oshawa appears serious about luring the Ti-Cats and a Pan-Am stadium away from Hamilton. The city is going to have a formal meeting very soon.


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Yes I realized, but now it is fixed.

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I now know I'll never be spending any tourist money in Oshawa.

Yes, while channel surfing this morning (about 8:10am), I caught the last minute of an interview with an Oshawa politician on the Fan590 (sorry but I haven't deleted it from my radio's presets yet :slight_smile: ).

I don't know if it will eventually be posted online or not (I don't even know who hosts the morning show now).

I believe I heard Oshawa was holding an emergency City meeting of it's own (possibly tomorrow) to investigate or draw up a plan to lure the PanAm stadium (and the TiCats) there.

Plus there was talk of building a GO station nearby to pull people from as far away as Peteborough.

All talk so far but not out of the realm of possibility, especially given the disaster at our City Hall.

Some City's actually do have intelligent, honest people in the halls of power (present City excluded).

More grist for the mill.

Oshawa council to discuss building new stadium, attracting CFL team

Aug 25, 2010 - 05:03 PM


OSHAWA -- A special Oshawa council meeting has been called for Friday to discuss
the possibility of building a stadium for use by a Canadian Football League (CFL) team.

“The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the opportunity

to bring the Toronto 2015 Pan Am soccer events

along with a new 25,000 seat stadium to the City

as well as a Canadian Football League team,?

They Go to Oshawa I won't be going to any games
It out of the GTA/GHA but also Out Blackout Area for Hamilton .
Meaning you could Watch them always with no chance of a Blackout.

I hope Bob knows He'd kill off most of his Fan Base with a Move this far away

Bob would be killing off the existing Hamilton area fan base moving the team to Oshawa?

I would say that the city made conditions so that Bob basically had to move the team to have a better chance to keep the team financially viable longterm and the result was that much of the existing fanbase in Hamilton area no longer were TigerCat fans.

TigerCat fans are TigerCat fans, whether new, old, existing and wherever the team plays from. IMHO but I know others don't believe that, it's just Hamilton TigerCats. I say bull to that notion but then I'm not from Hamilton originally anyways. Personally while I like Hamilton, I live here, I don't care that much about the city to be honest, probably shouldn't say that but that's the way I feel. I don't feel much towards this city. There is an attitude here among a lot of people I meet that I don't particularly like, it's hard to put my finger on it but the closest I would say is that many of the people come across to me as a cross between a Torontonian and American and try to be one or the other but end up being not very good at either.

Something about Hamilton leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not talking about the industries.

I’m from Brantford (though born in Hamilton), guess I am not a fan?

Being/staying in Hamilton is not a prerequisite for being a fan I dont think.

Absolutly...just because a team moves doesn't mean you can't cheer for them still. I'm sure there are plenty of Coyote fans in Winnipeg, fans in Quebec City rooting for the Avalanche, and how about the fans that still come to the Grey Cup from Baltimore. I'm sure the Tiger Cat fans from Oshawa are thrilled that they can jump on a GO train, or get on the 401 to see their "TEAM" play.
It's sad to hear that some of the Hamilton fans wouldn't do the same. Way to support your team!!

Not saying I'd get seasons in Oshawa because it is a tad far away having to travel through Toronto to get to, but definitely I'd be going to 3 games a year maybe 5. I love the TigerCat brand. It's a great symbol, the tiger, love it and with all the history and tradition of the team.

Earl you have made it clear your a Hamilton Basher!. Now why dont you move somewhere else!
There are many good people in Hamilton and your not one of them!

Call me a Hamilton basher Mass, that's fine.

I'm just telling you how I feel from a gut feeling perspective, that's all. I lack emotion towards Hamilton but by the same token I like Hamilton in many respects and what it has to offer from a "thing" perspective.

Of course there are good people in Hamilton, many fine people, no question.

I think the stadium issue is getting to me honestly, Fred is getting to me. I want more of the city to embrace the TigerCats. :cry:

I have my ups and downs ok? :?

LOL!!! This is too much! (I'm a transplanted Hamiltonian... living in Oshawa.) Think of all the gas money I'll be saving going to the game! But seriously.... if you think Hamilton city council is dysfunctional.... you ain't seen nothin' yet!

I think the Argos would have a better chance of making a go of it with a stadium in Oshawa. The Ticats would do much better with a stadium out in the area between Hamilton and Toronto IMO.
Just hope it never comes to that.

How about an expansion team for Oshawa? :lol:

If the TigerCats go to Oshawa, then fold the Argos and merge them with the TigerCats.

Won't happen.

Why not? Many people are of the opinion that one strong team and franchise for southern Ontario is not only enough but is actually beneficial to the league as well in many respects.

I hope there are some backroom dealings going on and especially with that stupid and corrupt mayor and council of yours.
Heck as we found out everyone else agrees including the left leaning Premier how the stadium should be built at the EM.
Stick to your guns caretaker and do not give in to these crackpots.
If not, Oshawa, Milton, QC or Moncton will fight over the team.