OSEG In Real Trouble

This has nothing to do with football and everything to do with OSEG’s deteriorating finances. Make no mistake; this is the beginning of the same s**t show Ottawa fans are so familiar with. Does anybody have Lonnie Glibermans number?

I can only respond by saying that I hope you are wrong. We’ve all invested a lot of time, energy and emotion into this team. I keep hoping that over the next few days, we get some announcement of a few key acquisitions.

The Redblacks & 67s are the base of OSEG and are solid.
From wat ive read its the Fury soccer. Ever changing tier II & Tier III leagues & Mls and non Mls affiliates is in chaos. & playing in that complex on a top level pro stadium they just will continue losing $$$ for OSEG

This is a old thread but with OSEG and there finances are fine the rumor was spread by a certain group with no proof to back up there claim and that is why the media never reported it.

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Um, just say’n I am pretty sure OSEG’s is solid, were does this stuff come from…

From a poster who hasn’t logged in here in almost a year.