Oscar slap by Will Smith heard around the world

Didn't watch the Oscars the movies are piss poor lately and the whole celebrity thing irks me .

However there was a free publicity now with the assault on stage .

Watched several clips to get caught up .

Lot's of attention given to the slap Will Smith gave Chris Rock at the Oscars for a lame joke about ready to play GI Jane 2 right after Rock says I love you Jada .

Jada Pinkett smith has alopecia where you lose your hair but is not life threatening and is more common than I ever knew . So hence the joke I guess .

Watched it play out several times .

Thought I was being played .

Thought the thud noise was a mic hit to sound like a slap and he missed or just grazed Rock .

Like a wrestling move called Kayfabe .

Then heard Smith's yelling at Rock when he sat down.. maybe real now .

Then the speech for winning best actor right after just felt off but again sounding more real.


First / wouldn't someone escort him out if he assaulted someone .

Two /the joke compared to what's out there now or before is really light weight compared what they have faced lately .

The one joke they faced in Britain at their Oscar equivalent was really hitting him way more personal .

Three / These actors have had like 30 years of crap thrown at them and and are pretty resilient to the barbs so is this is the line that someone crossed seems really off .

If it's real ; Will may be having a real issue that needs help . Kudo's for Chris Rock not laying charges and moving it along .

But man if this was a stunt to get the Oscars back to where more people watch the show it was in very poor taste and if that's the case very very good acting was done to fool me . :grinning:


If it was real, I dont blame Smith for slapping him, but that wasnt the time or place.

Some of us guys dont like to see our wives hurt or offended like that. Specially in public


Probably staged.


It's a publicity stunt. Smith and Rock looked like they were laughing before and after the slap.

Everybody is now talking about it which means it worked. Now watch the ratings spike for future award shows.

Hmmm. Maybe Simoni Lawrence should slap Wilder Jr. or somebody like that. The CFL could get a ratings boost also. :smile:


It's what's called in Rasslin', a "work". To bring attention to the failing Oscar broadcasts

Reasons for it because Smith hit Rock with an open hand. Rock isn't pressing charges and the Oscar Academy isn't going to punish Smith for his violent childish behavior

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Will Smiths philosophy it seems is "you can sleep with my wife , but I draw the line at joking about my wife " . I would have loved to have seen Rock respond after the slap with " gee , Will I'm going to feel that slap at least until August " :rofl:


Yah he didn't rub his face after the hit ..... :smiley: must have forgot .


Yes looked staged, can you imagine if all the Hollywood stars that were insulted by Ricky Gervais and went to slap him??
What about all the insults on Saturday night live to Hollywood actors.


When no security came immediately over ....... you have to wonder ...... .

Watched the Oscars and the Jerry Springer show came on instead .

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If you watched the movie that he won the award for, he played the controlling father of the Tennis Williams sisters and how much he protected his family from when they were small children growing up poor and the tough side of the city to when they became teen tennis prodigies to then become huge stars.
Perhaps he was still fufulling that role protecting his wife from ridicule.
BTW, I saw the movie, I really liked it :+1: :+1:

Good thing he wasn't playing Tony Montana in Scarface .

My first thought as well. Being insulted by Chris Rock is like being licked by a pussycat compared to the superior wit and deep cuts Ricky Gervais dishes out.

Could have been staged, although The NY Times below doesn’t think so. Smith has been moving to Kanye land. Oscar telecast ratings have tanked so badly there has been talk of no longer broadcasting the show, just like the Golden Globes. Overall, completely uninteresting with approximately 1/3 of the air time being commercials. Haven’t watched it in decades and National Enquirer/TMZ stunts won’t change my mind.



One of the tells was that Smith was originally laughing along with the joke until his wife glared at him and rolled her eyes and then said under her breath...."Sic em' boy" and then let Will off of his leash .

If it was on the level then personal props have to go out to Chris Rock for keeping it professional and moving seamlessly on with the show .

For those that have not seen what all the fuss is about , here is the full uncensored version . NSFW . Judge for yourself .

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Will Smith was laughing at the bit initially. The camera showed Jada not being amused by it.

Seconds later the Slap Heard Around the World.

Didn't see the Oscars myself (don't find award shows exciting myself) but heard about it afterwards.

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Smith could have handled it better than having dirty laundry in public.

Ruined his Oscar winning moment 45 mins later.

Apologized to everyone else but Chris Rock.

I can believe it is real. Don't make jokes about an illness or something painful someone is going thru. That is crossing the line.

Not sure what would be entertaining, Smith vs Rock in WrestleMania or in UFC?

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Same here . I haven't watched the Oscars in years . I honestly couldn't even tell you what movies were up for the awards . I found out about it when I flipped on my laptop while having my morning coffee .


When a couple of guys who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
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