Orridge to step down as CFL commish

Announcement to be made official today. Commissioner Pinball maybe?

Yep its all over the media , Pinball would be an excellent choice but he has a lot on the go and would he want to deal with some of the BOG’s ?
Orridge in my opinion appeared lost in space and confused about the CFL and seemed at least, to have other priorities ,like picking up awards for himself and marching in parades etc.

Here's a link

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/orridge-steps-down-as-cfl-commissioner-1.722497]http://www.tsn.ca/orridge-steps-down-as ... r-1.722497[/url]

Will need to read on but wonder if he was pushed

Jeffrey Orridge

Jeffrey Orridge, CFL/TSN

The CFL announced Wednesday that Jeffrey Orridge is stepping down as commissioner with an effective date of June 30.

“In his time with the CFL, Jeffrey worked tirelessly to promote player health and safety, the integrity of the League on and off the field, and the values of diversity and inclusion,? Jim Lawson, Chair, CFL said in a league release. “Jeffrey played an important role in developing the league’s strategic plan which has, in a short time, helped to elevate some key metrics that underpin the health of the league.?

TSN's Dave Naylor reports the decision is believed to be a mutual agreement to part ways, with the understanding that through two years, it hasn't been a good fit.

“It has been an honour to serve as CFL Commissioner and help to prepare this historic league for the future by deepening our relationship with fans and sponsors, increasing its relevance with the next generation, and expanding our reach beyond Canada,? Orridge said in the league release. “[b]While the Board and I have differing views [/b]on the future of the league, we both believe passionately in this game, its players, its partners and its fans. I wish the CFL great success in the future."
Perhaps so.

Virtually everyone here on the forums knew this guy was a dud the very moment he was announced as commissioner, and he proved us right over the last couple of years. He was totally out to lunch.
I can't think of one positive change he made to this league during his tenure, just failures.

CFL week wasn't his idea, but happened under his watch. That's about the closest thing to a success he can claim.

Because of him, we went an entire year without drug testing, and the biggest grey cup flop in a very very long time.

He will be remembered as a disaster, but most likely forgotten altogether.

New GM of the ESKS!!! :rockin:

Rhodes as new Commissioner!

Seriously, WTF is going on with this League???

It will be interesting to read about the fallout from this. In the past few decades, Braley has often been blamed by many for handcuffing the commish and not being forward-thinking, but can that still be the case with his age and new, strong/influential ownership groups in Ottawa and Toronto?

Without knowing what is really going on behind closed doors between the Commish and the BoG, the statement "While the Board and I have differing views on the future of the league" implies that the long-term agenda was incompatible between Orridge and the BoG. Would be interesting to know whether that was on hot-button issues like expansion, the ratio, team/league finances and equalization, TV rights, agreements with NFL - other pro leagues, or ???

I have to wonder why these things happen so late ?

Orridge , Hervey and the Argos new direction.

The off season is very long and these things should be taken care of long before mid April.

If you do not want the guy running things to continue, just dump him. Why wait ?

Caught me by surprise. Good luck in the future.

If it's a case of him and the board not being on the same page with the future of the league.

Though Orridge was a not a good public speaker, this failure falls on the board IMO. What kind of vetting process do they do and long range plans they listen to by the candidates just to pull the plug in a couple years.

If the ones who run the league don't know what they want, how can someone lead the path?

Lazy and ineffective. Does not change the fact that the League is run like a "cartel" and its a job nobody wants.. League should try and convince Mark Weithman.

The world is not necessarily black and white. There is a lot of grey. Without knowing ALL the FACTS you're never going to know. Maybe the CFL needs a self appointed special advisor?

Was not a fan of his, but the BOG of the CFL scare me in how they manage the league.

List of past Commissioners

Surprised when I read this, but not sad.

The CFL has the opportunity to make a huge upgrade (hopefully)

Orridge was an American kid with no passion for the CFL, didn't grow up as a CFL fan, and being commish was "just a job".

That said, following Cohon could not have been easy.

As long as he's a part of the league, I dont think you can discount the possibility of him being involved. He has a long history of conflict with previous commissioners and whenever one of them fell out of favour with him, they were soon out the door.

I see Al Pacino playing the role of David Braley in that picture

.....Ed Hervey....recently relieved of his duties....could it be....can it be so....I sure hope the hell not. :lol: ..............Pinball is your man IF he's interested...Would be a great ambassador for our game and is very league savvy. :thup: