Orridge sets price for stealing an employee

Well one of them is that putz Gary Lawless not 48 hours after this rule came down calling for league wide tampering investigations.

The league isn't terribly interested in enforcing tampering. They just want it shoved back under the rug so they bring out this stupid rule to make us all go back to sleep.

And just to be clear, my beef isn't with Orridge. I know that he's just doing what Braley, Wetenhal, Rhodes, Reynolds etc are telling him to do. Just no one kid themselves that he's actually being a leader or taking charge here.

Now, do I think the league could use a CBA-like official framework for executive/coach contracts? Absolutely, I would be fully behind that. If the league was serious about this THAT is what they would do. Instead they have this stupid rule that outlaws something that has been accepted practice for decades and the league does not really want to enforce. The problem is now that they've gone on record with this little rule, whenever an issue makes the newsprint they might actually have to enforce it. Meanwhile all the stuff that is kept quiet (but everyone in the business including the owners all still know about) is left unpunished.

Do we want to deal with this or not? This new rule (combined with same old attitude) changes nothing except makes the whole thing messier.