Orridge sets price for stealing an employee

Commish has set the maximum price for attempting to interfere in other's teams contracted employees at a max of 25k and a first round pick. Great to have transparency but will that stop any team like the Riders ???

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-drafts-new-anti-tampering-policy-1.427315]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-drafts-new-anti-t ... y-1.427315[/url]

Second offense is a suspension for a lifetime ban. I guess that woud apply to the offending team's GM.

So if Sask or any team for that matter wants to be repeat offenders, their front office may have lots of vacancies :slight_smile:

REALLY or after the FACT.

Kudos for Orridge to address a league problem effectively . Leadership on this issue IMO was long over due and it is good to see it finally resolved with some teeth .

Definitely an improvement over the 5000.00 fine and rubber stamp Cohon used when Jones broke his contract in Calgary. :thup:

This might be the first positive contribution from the new commissioner thus far.
Needs to rectify the drug policy as well as adjusting the rules back to 2010 rules before June, IMO.

This is a great step towards cleaning up the coaching contract situation in the CFL. Well done, commissioner.

This is excellent and done quickly as well.

I wonder how much leeway the owners gave him in implementing this. Or what type of majority prevails in approvals.

How would Sask be repeat offenders????? Everything they did was above board. They had permission to talk with Jones. The way Sask conducted themselves is the definition and protocol of the new rules. Sask has never been charged with tampering in their existence. Of the 4 fines ever levied in this league for tampering, Sask was the victimized team twice. But leave it to Mightymouse and hxf to make this about Sask. hfx Still hasn't got over that cute little Sask girl that dumped him a while back, and continues to bash Sask on 50% of his posts.

This is excellent without a doubt by the new commish. Enough messing around.

drummer_god wrote: This might be the first positive contribution from the new commissioner thus far
I've really liked that he doesn't think out loud, he is a thinker and isn't going to yap, yap, yap and make rash decisions to keep some people happy quickly because they think every issue in the league is as simple as pouring a glass of milk.

Why so defensive? :lol:

Missed the the part of the quote stating 'or any team for that matter'.

The draft is a nice step for the league but if Sask. was victimized twice out of 4 league offense as stated above, that sounds like the definition of repeat to me. :cowboy:

[quote="Mightygoose"]Sask. was victimized twice out of 4 league offense as stated above, that sounds like the definition of repeat to me. [/quote

??? Victimized means it was their player that was lost due to tampering. So yes there is repeat there but Sask was the one being violated. :roll:

Good job Commish.

Quick, decisive action.

Keep up the good work. :thup:

...sigh...gone are the days I guess when honourable men could be in the team boardroom and just say 'I know we could use him, but we better not approach so-and-so about our job offer, because he's under contract already with that other team, it just wouldn't be right'...

That's the problem when you have a SMS and you let the rest of the football ops run wild. People will try to get an edge wherever they can. You can't have the type of restrictions on players and salaries without a similar system on the rest to balance things. No sports league is more controlled than NASCAR and they will even change the rules mid-season if they see someone exploiting a loop hole. The quicker and harsher you deal with these things the better off your organization will be.

No rules were broken and no one was poached. Hervey gave full permission. He did not have to do that, and even though he did he had every right to work out compensation with Sask and he did not do that either.

Now we have an extra rule for no reason at all. I !@#$% HATE when that happens. It’s called over managing. The only reason that this rule was made is to appease dumb fans like us who cry over simple things that they refuse to understand. This rule is nothing more than OPTICS, except that now the next time we cry someone just might lose a first rounder over this BS.

Way to go fans. :thdn:

Or the league could have just ... you know ... not recognized Maas' new deal with Edmonton, refused to file it and told them to start over.

We all do understand here that when a contract is signed it has to be faxed in to the league for ratification don't we? So when the Maas/Edmonton contract came across the commissioner's desk the fact that Maas was still employed by the RedBlacks wasn't simply enough for him to reject it????

Why the hell does Orridge next to make an extra rule rather than just do his own job himself? All he has to do in cases like this is just say "uhhh ... nice try Hervey but, no."

Now we're gonna have a bunch of 'he said, she said' from now on. Just picture Wally shaking hands with Dickenson after a game and Huf go to the league, show the commish the replay of the handshake and the brief chat in the ear and say "Wally talked to my guy! He's tampering! Take his first rounder away!" I'm being only slightly facetious here. People talk ALL THE TIME in this league. If you wanna enforce this rule to the letter NOBODY should be drafting in the first round. Stupid rule.

Orridge is trying to show transparency and due process so there is no misunderstanding between teams . Unfortunately this needs to be done or you will get he said and she said .

Ahh yes, transparency. The bug word that us fans toss around whenever we don't understand the business. If they told us everything that goes on behind closed doors then we could judge them. Well some things just belong behind closed doors. It's not always our right to know everything.

Funny that most of us trust the SMS complicitly even though it has ZERO transparency. I argued for published salaries 10 years ago when it was brought in and was soundly bashed by the masses saying that players have the right to secret salaries. So the league tells us that all is well in the salary cap and a couple of teams go slightly over every year and get their little parking fines for it and we all smile and say, 'see everything's working'. But the truth is that the league audits ITSELF. No no, the masses counter. They say that the auditor is independent. I ask, independent to who? They are paid by the league and the PA. If they deliver bad news the league COULD find another auditor. It's a huge conflict of interest. Maybe everyone is playing fair, but we can never say for sure so long as this massive conflict of interest presides the situation. If you want transparency, start with the SMS.

But the same people who believe so faithfully and unquestioningly that the SMS is working fine with ZERO transparency now want transparency in executive contracts? Get a grip, folks. Our knees are jerking real hard over this.

Would I like to see some sort of CBA-like official framework for coaches and executives in the CFL? Certainly. That would be a great step forward and now THAT would be leadership. But this stupid little rule the commish handed down this week is nothing but a messy bandaid on a tiny booboo and creates more problems than it will ever hope to solve.

Orridge a leader? Perhaps in his other lines of work he is, but as commish he's a wet noodle, simply because Braley, Wetenhall, Reynolds, Young and all pay him to simply be a wet noodle. That's all the owners want. They don't want a leader. They want a figurehead who looks strong but really does nothing but give good handshakes to sponsors. That's all that Cohon, Wright and Lysko were before him. We haven't had a leader since John Tory and we're not going to get one any time soon. The days of Gadaur and Mitchell are long gone.

Long post... would be interested in you explaining what are these more problems created than solved ? Really Orridge hasn't changed anything, he's just created a process to ensure that the agreed upon arrangement is followed and by publishing what the fines are, he's published the deterrent.