Orridge says CFL making progress.

So in his state of thisunion address Orridge said that CFL making progress! Really! Would that be forward progress you are referring to? Grey Cup 2016 is indicating otherwise and it is no surprise. Poor refereeing, inexcusable Command Centre reviews and marketing that is hit and miss at best. Just watched the Toronto Santa Claus parade I had taped (ie parade in city hosting Grey Cup game) and nowhere to be seen was anything to do with CFL/LCF or the Argos. Raptors, Leafs and Toronto FC were all on display but did we give any exposure to the upcoming Grey Cup game?? NO!!!!! Parade organizers screw-up or CFL oversight? Is there any wonder why game still not sold out 2 days prior?? PROGRESS?????

Yeah, progress backwards...

I read the highlights of the state of the union.

Flags down 12%
Argo attendance up 14%
Overall attendance and viewership up from last year
Scoring and close games up significantly from a couple years ago.

These were all major concerns the past couple years and it looks like things are being addressed. I'm seeing advertising in grocery stores for the first time, including a Grey Cup display. I live in a non team city and have never seen one before this year.

Give him time. They're clearly trying to address the reffing issues and like anything new, there are still some bugs to work out when it comes to the new rules

In all honesty, do you expect him to say that the CFL sucks & they're regressing? Especially before the championship game? Not going to happen.

I didn't see it, but if he said that officiating & reviews are being looked at in order to improve, that's pretty much all we can expect, I think. If he didn't, I hope that Austin goes into the off-season meetings with a full file folder of their screw-ups, dumps it on the table & asks what they're going to do about it.

Orridge view on Concussions and CTE

"The league's position is that there is no conclusive evidence at this point."

This is the Leagues real position on concussions, On their knees with their heads buried in the sand! :roll:

Officiating - Fine
Video Review - Fine
Concussions - not conclusive

Ya think there's a problem here. Was there purple kool aid in his glass or did he have his legs crossed while saying this.

It is no wonder why its becoming harder to take this guy, and the league in general, seriously.

How in the world did they come up with that 14% jump for the Argos? Either they did some really sweet math to come up with that, or I am forgetting just how empty the Rogers Centre was...Watching the Argos this year IMO it looked WAY worse in the stands, some games I don't think they cracked 10,000 despite what the numbers say, they definitely cooked the attendance numbers all year just so they could trumpet out a stat like this.

Snake Oil sales up 100%

Creative math. They included the tiny numbers from Argos 'home' games in 2015 that were played in Hamilton and the one out in Fort McMurray.

If you strictly only compare games from 2015 at Rogers Centre to games at BMO Field this year their average crowd actually dropped by about 300 per game.

Excellent point Pat!

He only disavowed concussions because of the existing lawsuit. He could not acknowledge there is a correlation between concussions and long term effects without conceding $200 million.
So you gotta feel feel him somewhat.
But all the other stuff is just spin. This is why he was hired for his media savvy.
Not sure about calling it savvy.