Orridge not going to Regina

Mutual my arse. This was rumoured on Sunday that he was cancelling.

It was a mutual decision by @sskroughriders and @Commish13 that he does not attend 2016 Plaza of Honor on Sept. 16

Can you blame him ? Have you read what Rider fans and your reporters are saying about him ?

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You guys have your own party and tap each other in the back.

Canada’s team and all…

What a bush fan base they have in Regina. And to think they can get him to resign? Making Friends 101

Yes it's all Orridge's fault the Riders are 1-9 and Jone's keeps breaking rules and getting caught. :roll: :roll:

There are some legit beefs in there about Orridge, about how he is a marketer first and doesn't have a great understanding of the game, and that it is kinda lame not going to a location to honor CFL greats of any team.

That said, faulting Orridge for Jones cheating is no one's fault but Jones's and the Rider coaching staff and management for not catching it when it happened and disciplining Jones for it.

That's the problem with most Rider fans....they always feel that they're "entitled". If Orridge did show up, it would be a total gong show with the restless natives showing up with pitchforks and a fresh pile of manure.

P.S.: Hey Rider fans, Chris Jones is your problem, not Orridge.

mightypope, do you not understand Natives are Aboriginals - restless natives in your sentence is an insult towards their culture. Cheers

He wasn't being racist .The definition of native , means Native to your land of birth. You chose to associate the word native's to Aboriginals.

VERY WELL SAID. Thank you. We as Canadians are very giving and helpful society.
Cheers to all.

Understood kasps - Thanks and Cheers

I wouldn't want to go there either, considering how many morons in the Riders media base are pitching wild conspiracy BS just because their team sucks and is led by a cheater (and how many fans are total morons who are buying into that).

The point of the event is to honor someone, not to have a bunch of idiots boo because of some imaginary anti-Riders conspiracy.

He did come from Edmonton and brought his system with him ....... and the CFL was only then concerned with that issue once in Regina ? Don't get me wrong .... Jones was wrong and deserved the fine. But the CFL wears some of this as well - if his system is against the rules then it should be against the rules no matter which team it involved. Cfl feeding the issue with how it's handled this. Things like opening up the office on a Sunday to announce a fine from 2 games prior only add to that. This is no different then Betman getting boos from nearly every NHL teams fans as well.

The event is about honoring cfl players ..... kudos on him for not wanting to detract from that.

Great debate on TSN 1290 about this topic. Consensus is Orridge should have went and stood his ground . Him not appearing makes it look like he did something wrong. When it was the Riders cheated.

Jones says he brought it from Edmonton. He didn't mention if he scaled it up. What's more likely here?

  1. There's a CFL conspiracy against a team.
  2. Jones used the Rider's vast money pile to make the operation so big that it became a flagrant middle finger to the rules.

It's odd how no players have brought up other teams doing this until now, either. There's probably a reason for that.

This isn't a league thing, its a Jones, Murphy thing. You know the same guy who was caught sending people to other teams practices and write down their formations and plays in Winnipeg, the same guys who use to try and import any felon with a pedigree. The same guy who kept his team in the dressing room while the anthem was sang. Imagine if Jones was a Canadian and had pulled that at an NFL game ! I can just imagine what the NFL and the fans would have done if a Canadian kept his football team inside for the playing of the US anthem. That would have been epic.

Don't be surprise to see a whole bunch of movement in the off season. If Lawless is correct we may see the dance of the Old boys club again with Maciocia taking over in Montreal. Popp heading to Toronto and Barker moving over to Saskatchewan.

Orridge hasn't been perfect but one thing he's been clear about. He's not going to accept this league's image being tarnished by a small group of selfish clowns.


Now now, we all know that Canada's team should"not", and does "not" need to follow the rules. Jones really is the perfect fit for "Canada's flag ship" team. Ego's blend perfectly.

Jones proved he does not have the boardroom and management skills to run a franchise. The question this off season is does he loses just his GM/VP title or is he turfed out of the league.

This kind of reminds me of the situation in Hamilton with George Cortez. It was an utter disaster of a hiring, he had no experience with either of the jobs he had, but sometimes I wonder if he would have kept them for at least another season if Kent Austin wasn’t available.

Ultimately this is a problem for Saskatchewan. If you fire Jones, who do you replace him with? Maybe Mark Trestman might be available to return with the enhanced titles, but he’s the only one off the top of my head that might have the skills to do what Kent Austin has done.

Jones will be back.

Next year will be the decider.

Jones is a goof, but all this mess with fines, you have to wonder where they got the idea from.

Jones has worked under Popp, Barker and Hufnagel. All long time coaches and GM's. Also worked under Hervey in Edmonton who was very vocal about all the behind scenes stuff that goes on in the league and didn't seem to have issues do what he saw as well.

Murphy has worked with Hufnagel as well.

If Orridge cancelled due to what is going on this year, very poor taste. Plaza of Honour celebration doesn't really have anything to do with this year, it is honouring past players and coaches and its a community celebration.

I think they will stick Barker on top of him.