Orridge interview on the Waggle

Pretty good interview . Last part touched on Video game talk .

link/sauce please

Sorry about that BAY it's on the main page of the CFL just click and it brings you right to it .


Good interview.
sure can name drop.

Can't say I am as excited as he is about putting a half dozen former CFL players as options in the Mobile Madden 16 game.
Talks about start up costs and development. Host even responded, that the CFL may look at somehow attach itself to madden game, with CFL teams, but with NFL rules.
This has to be the one of the most ridiculous ideas ever.
Here is the coming slogan. buy the NFL product, and we will throw in some CFL stuff.

What a joke, when there is an independent Canadian developer that the CFL won't give the time of day to, but lets promote the league down south, and we will gladly take their table scraps.

He does name drop but I think the interviewer wanted to bring it up . I am also disappointed in the CFL game
my understanding it was the inability to get proper stats for the developer was the hold up . I guess not ; just lazy and cheap .