Orlondo Steinauer

Sick and tired of losing a game because the coach doesn't kick a field goal when they have the chance. The game against Montreal would have been a win. Orlondo needs to go.


While I respect your opinion, I was happy to see the more aggressive option to go for the TD. Showed confidence in the offense and Shiltz.


The time to be aggressive and go for it was when it was 3rd and 1 at the five. That call and the earlier 3rd and 7 cost us a potential 10 points


Not only did he not take those points but even worse decides to punt when the margin is 6 points!!!!

Any coach takes the safety which means they still have to score a TD to win!!!

Give up the 2 and get better field position
Give the ball to tjem to force a much longer drive.

Absolutely the worst call of the season!!!

Why in the world did the Cats brass give hom totap control of all things football??

Bob and i mean this with all respect in the world as without you we probably have no team and no new stadium ( although should never have been built there but thats another conversation that our moronic counsillors are to blame)
I am not sure who told you that Scott Mitchell is a football guy , his father was cfp commisu and that ends there.
I will say the in stadium experience has been great for the family but as for die hard football fans we could care less.

The mew ownership group please go out and get a football person to run the on field product and get a coach that can make the righr calls at the right time.

Hore the new person for 5 years and go frpm there

I am done with this group of benny hills

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We've had plenty of opportunities this season, with Shiltz going for it on 3rd down inside the 10 yard line...it usually fails...not sure why we keep trying...he's not a clutch QB.

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Weird coaching choices.
3rd and goal from the 6 in the 1st Q with our backup QB in we go for it.
3rd and 1 inside the 10 yard line at the end of the 1st half we kick.



That decision makes sense to me. When you’re that deep in your opponents territory, you have to go for the major. If you don’t get it at least you have them pinned deep. The reason they took the 3 late in the first half is there’s no sense pinning them deep when there’s no time on the clock.


The call to go for it early was a stupid call. It smells of desperation.
Any coach, anywhere, goes up 3 at that point.


It’s a defensible call, but only if you have a more capable offence. Our offence in 2022 has been too sporadic. For example, our red zone success rate is pretty low.

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A broken record here, but, Lancaster always said take the points.

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Do you realize this is the third game this year the Cats would have won if coach O would have made the call to go for the field goal.

this is the third game this year.


I agree and over this, this is the third game this year the Cats lost because of this exact decision.

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Maybe. But that also assumes MTL kicks a FG at the end despite being down by 4, instead of pushing for a TD.

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With the way the season is going for the east, the points matter, at this rate they will be caught in the cross over.

I'm not looking for a coaching change. But, what do you think our record would be if O'Shea were our coach?
I think more like 7 and 3 instead of 3 and 7.


Exactly his game management is atrocious. He has the keys to the vault. He would have to fire, himself

He's already got his replacement there so......

I liked the call to go for the TD instead of the field goal early in the game. But that one didn’t work out due to player execution (just like the Woodmansey botched snap, the Dunbar drop, the missed sack and tackle on the last Montreal drive, etc.).

The coaches have consistently put the players in situations where they can win the game if they execute.

Almost all of our losses have been by margins of 5 points or less.


Response to of_course, sentence by sentence:

  1. I'd have kicked a FG but, considering field position, the go-for-it decision wasn't terrible.
  2. You could re-watch the game and add, at least, a dozen more TiCat player execution failures to those you mentioned. The game was full of them .
  3. I'd say most often, but coaching decisions have played their part in losses, this season.
  4. More than half -- 4 of 7.

I'll add an observation, from the CAL/TOR game last night, that we're not the only fans whose HC makes us scream, at times, "WHAT!"
With 2:12 remaining in the 3rd quarter, a 62 yd. CGY interception return TD makes the score, pre-convert attempt, TOR 19 CGY 16. Dickenson goes for 2. WHAT!